Obama’s approval rating has never been as low as any of the past five Republican presidents


These are not the best of times for President Obama in terms of public satisfaction with the job he’s doing.

At this writing, his approval rating in Gallup’s three-day tracking poll is roughly even, with 47 percent disapproving while 45 percent give him thumbs up — a difference that falls within the poll’s margin of error.

That’s a far cry from Obama’s highest rating — 69 percent — which came during the early months of his presidency. But it’s somewhat better than his all-time low of 38 percent approval two years ago this month.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Obama’s Gallup ratings is that they’ve been fairly high all along considering the amount of vitriol aimed at him from the political right.

Despite all the Tea Party characterizations of him as a foreign-born, terrorist-loving, America-hating, Muslim usurper of the presidency, his approval ratings have never fallen as low as those for any of the last five Republican presidents.

In chronological order, here are the respective low numbers for those previous presidents: Richard Nixon, 24 percent; Gerald Ford, 37 percent; Ronald Reagan, 35 percent; George H.W. Bush, 29 percent; George W. Bush, 25 percent.




  1. http://blogs.e-rockford.com/applesauce/2010/08/04/obamas-job-approval-rating-falls-to-where-reagans-was-at-same-point-in-his-presidency/

    So in this article you posted yesterday you made yourself look like a fool, because of this article you posted back in 2010.

    Which of your articles are wrong with the information provided?

    Or are you simply another Obama supporter who does not have the guts to admit, we as a country royally messed up with this guy. So in order to make yourself seem smart you chose to cleverly word an article to say “Yea, he could be worse!” just like you cleverly worded an article to say “it will get better in a couple years!!” Well, sir, its now the 5th year of this guy’s presidency and sure, his approval rating may be higher than his lowest low, but it is bad in the time you had told us to start judging. So where is your judgment? In this article you wrote, you simply demonstrated hypocrisy. If you did just have a lot of typos could you clear these questions up for me:

    1. So how low was Reagan’s lowest approval and how low was Obama’s, because two years ago you said they were the same

    2. If you told us two years in was not a good time to judge a presidency, are you saying now is not a good time neither, 5 years in?

    3. Does Obama’s not so good approval rating get excused because some past president’s of the opposite side were worse?

    A couple final notes on this comment for you, I did originally start as an Obama supporter. I did want him to originally succeed. I did get let down. I am not a republican, did not get tossed off the left to the right. I actually am an independent, because I know if I were to claim a party that requires to be like you. “No matter what the president does as long as he is on my side, it is ok!” is the wrong way to look at it, so is “Since the president is on your side he is doing it wrong and that is the only reason why” (Cough cough tea party) and also I would like to say I am not calling the republican presidents you listed the brightest guys, I mean Bush was a big enough mistake we should of learned with the first one to say the least.

    My final question for you and anyone reading this comment, what happened to “The buck stops here.”? Where can we find Harry Truman now? The moment we start accepting we dropped the ball on this guy, the moment we can get him to start getting better. You should know that if you’ve been a part of politics for 50 years. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY will improve themselves if they can get by with their crappy way, just because thats how these things spin.

    Sorry to write you a novel in a comment, Pat, but, your applesauce was going a bit too sour here.

  2. Joe: You need a remedial reading course.

    Your item No. 1 above reads as follows: “So how low was Reagan’s lowest approval and how low was Obama’s, because two years ago you said they were the same.”

    The answer to the first part of that is clearly stated in the last paragraph of my post above. Reagan’s lowest approval rating was 35 percent. You can check it out with Gallup.

    In the second part of your item No. 1, you claim that I said two years ago that Reagan’s and Obama’s lowest approval ratings “were the same.” I said no such thing. Actually, it was three years this month (not two years ago) that I said in the post to which you’ve linked that Obama’s approval rating in the Gallup poll had fallen to 41 percent — “the lowest point of his presidency” up to that time. That was the same level Reagan had reached at the same juncture of his first term as president. But it was not Reagan’s lowest level. As I say, his lowest level was 35 percent (in January of 1983), and Obama’s lowest thus far was 38 percent (in August of 2011).

    And then there’s this question from you in your comment: “Which of your articles [the one above or the one from three years ago] are wrong with the information provided?” The answer is neither of them is wrong.

    What’s wrong is your ability to correctly read either or both of the posts in question.

  3. By the way: Readers should not confuse the Joe who authored the first comment in this thread with another Joe who has submitted more than 500 comments here over the past five years.

    Our regular Joe would never make the mistakes this new guy does in the comment above.

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