We should name hurricanes and tropical storms for climate-change deniers

Here’s a great idea:




  1. I suppose we never had a single hurricane or tropical storm before big business defiled the world, right?

    I think we should name them after people who persist in riding snowmobiles for fun. Boaters too.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    Why NOT those gas guzzling SUVs Doc,

    Snowmobile is a mode of transpertaion NO differant from the billions of cars..
    The worst one should be named after republicans…like bushasters wildfire.

  3. Wrong again hypocrite.

  4. Brian Opsahl

    So you don’t drive huh…cause i remember you saying something about driving around..
    It would take a crite to know one…doc.

    Take your under educated brain out of the sand and realize what we are doing to our planet. Stop buying what fox is shovleing.

  5. Brian,

    I drive my car, as necessary to and from work and other local activities.

    I don’t go riding around through the pristine woods and lakes of Wisconsin disturbing nature for “fun”.

  6. Brian Opsahl

    So your okay with starving those little towns that survive on our dollars we spend their…?
    And your NOT okay with the rescue stuff we do…in the name of disturbing a snow and frozen covered land and lakes…wow.. you absolutly No nothing about my sport..do you.

    Can you show me any nature damage a snowmobile has done over your car…?
    after the snow melts..

  7. Snowmobiling is a sport now? Lol. I’m sorry but slamming a couple beers and then driving to the next bar is not a sport. Well maybe in Wisconsin. But no where else.

  8. The small towns? What about the planet hypocrite?

  9. Brian Opsahl

    I drive a 4 stroke engine just like you Doc, do you even understand what the hell that means…?

    Maybe your thinking of the old smelly 2 stroke engines that did smoke some.
    Doc, when they have a bad winter like has been going on for some time these towns suffer from the lack of revenue streeming in to support them…this is a fact and your arguing from a lack of understanding the sport.

    Joe, tell me how it’s not a sport when at the last ice drag event I went to the top speed was 167 MPH in a 1000 foot track…is that not a sport sir…? and on your other comment I don’t drink when I drive so yea wrong again. Spending time with my kids doing outside activitys in the worst time of winter is heaven for me sorry guys.

  10. You continue to be so very wrong.

    Four stroke engines are better, but they are still unnecessary pollution and they are a minority of machines. If you want to spend money in the northwoods, then do it, but leave the snowmobile at home.


    The vast majority of snowmobiles in the U.S. use the out-dated two-stroke technology, as do many ATVs. Two-stoke engines are very polluting and the risk to human health has been well documented. If land managers are concerned about air pollution and its effects on human health, ORV use should be limited.

  11. Brian the other day I was doing about 95 on i90. I was getting my athlete on. Lol.

    Sorry but going that fast on a snowmobile does not make you an athlete. It makes you crazy. And probably someone I would have a good time hanging out with. But you are no rg3. Your a crazy man.

    And if you are not drinking you are the only only one.

  12. Brian Opsahl

    Well I don’t let my kids drink on them…can’t say that about the wife though. I don’t race anymore but those who do certainly are athletic you have to be strong enough to hang on that long. Going bar to bar doesn’t mean you have to drink sometimes it’s only to warm up a little or experence great northwoods restaurants.

    Theres something about crossing a lake at over 110 MPHs that keeps me real..don’t know why…a.little crazy I guess….lol

  13. “Theres something about crossing a lake at over 110 MPHs that keeps me real”

    It also keeps me in business.

    Snowmobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles…. if people only knew how dangerous they actually were (to themselves and to the environment) they would be much less likely to use them.

  14. Doc business will be booming for you. They have been widening the trails so they can fit utvs on them. Just wait to them rocket ships start crashing into a atv. Not going to be good.

    Brian we all have to have a little fun.

  15. Brian Opsahl

    What damadge to the enviroment…?
    When the snow melts you can NOT tell we we’re ever there…show me a lake that was hurt by a snowmobile crossing it…and don’t say if it goes’ in the water…that’s not fair..
    People get hurt doing all kinds of things so that argument doesn’t fly at all. I could be hit by a truck walking out of work…no differant.

    I have been riding sleds,motocross,boating,skiing,all kinds of dangerious stuff only got hurt playing football….knees are shot neck still hurts from that…

  16. Brian,

    So much faulty logic I don’t even know where to start.

    You remind me of patients who I try to counsel about smoking cessation who are convinced that no harm will come to them because “my uncle’s friend smoked like a chimney and died a happy man in his sleep when he was 85”.

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