Most Americans opposed to defunding Obamacare


Steve Benen COMMENTS on the chart above:

The far-right campaign to shut down the government unless Democrats agree to defund the federal health care system isn’t going well, but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is undeterred. Asked a few days ago how he intends to win this fight, the Texas Republican said there’s a “grass-roots tsunami” on the way that will convince lawmakers to follow his lead.

Cruz is likely to be disappointed. The latest report from the Kaiser Family Foundation asked Americans about defunding the Affordable Care Act, and a clear majority disapprove of the idea.

While a 57% majority oppose cutting off funding, only 36% endorse the Republican scheme. This is consistent with other recent polling that found similar results.

As a rule, “grass-roots tsunamis” are rare when they enjoy the support of barely a third of the country.



  1. I’m guessing that if we could “de-fund” a law that will provide basic health care services to a ton of Americans who don’t have it, we could “de-fund” a bit of the bloated Defense Dept. budget to pay for that. Correct, wingnuts?

  2. Neftali

    Monkey – Good analogy, and I completely agree. This whole defunding stuff is ridiculous and embarrassing. Until us Republicans start pushing solutions instead of merely trying to stop Democrats, we’ll have a hard time winning elections.

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