Of all the right-wing kooks running around out there, they don’t come much kookier than this guy


As a liberal blogger who has only 24 hours in each of his days, I have to be highly selective in my choice of wingnuts who deserve to feel the sting of my lash.

I can’t crank up my ire for each and every weirdo who comes down the pike. Rather, I tend to save my ammunition for the silliest or most egregious purveyors of far-right nonsense — y’know, people like Rep. Louie Gohmert and certain Fox News Channel personalities.

It seems, however, that I’ve been a little too selective. I haven’t paid enough attention to one Jerome Corsi, the veritable king of looney conspiracy theorists. I’ve mentioned his name on this blog only a few times over the past five years — not nearly enough by any reasonable standard.

How wacky is Corsi? Well, in 2008, he claimed that John McCain’s presidential bid was supported by a “Muslim terrorist group with ties to criminal drug networks and al-Qaida.” Is that wacky enough for you?

Corsi is also a Birther, a 9/11 Truther and — somewhat inexplicably — a graduate of Harvard University. (But then, Ted Cruz also is a Harvard alum. So go figure.)

Did I mention that Corsi is also a Tea Party guy? Well, you probably took that for granted anyway, right?

It was in his role as a Tea Party guru that Corsi most recently came to my attention. As we see HERE, he was speechifying to a gang of Tea Party geezers the other day about how Barack Obama is a dope-smoking commie (not exactly an original thought among people of his ilk, but maybe he was having an off day).





  1. Kind of like this liberal whack-a-doodle.


    The 26-year-old Kristan, believed to be from Racine but officially listed on police reports as having an unknown address, reportedly approached Voss and fellow Republican state representatives Scott Suder and John Nygren at Inn on the Park, 22 S. Carroll St., shouted out something like “money” and “damn Republicans,” and dumped a beer on Voss’ head, according to a Madison Police report.

    The lawmakers told police Kristan swore at them, calling them criminals.

    Kristan was accompanied by an unnamed man with a video recorder, the report states.

    Voss told police he did not know the suspect’s name, but a female Capitol employee, who was with the group, provided police with a name. Police could not locate Kristan on Wednesday night.

    Wisconsin Reporter could not find a phone listing for the accused man.

    On Thursday afternoon, Kristan turned himself into police. He was cited with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and has an upcoming date in court.

    He could face three months in jail and a $1,000 fine if found guilty on the criminal charge, described under state law as anyone engaging in “violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud, or otherwise disorderly conduct … which tends to cause or provoke a disturbance.”

    Criminal background

    It’s an enhanced charge due to Kristan’s previous troubles with the law, Madison Public Information Officer Joel DeSpain told Wisconsin Reporter on Friday. Police reports say Kristan became agitated and verbally abusive to officers while being warned during a We Are Wisconsin march up State Street parade on Aug. 25.

    Kristan was arrested on vehicular charges after he and Elias Groth drove vehicles on State Street during a parade. Vehicular traffic generally is prohibited on the pedestrian-friendly street.

    “Kristan was described as being visibly upset, slamming his hands on his vehicle, and making statements (in) reference the admonition by police to being equal with that of the feces of male steer!” stated the police report, obtained by Wisconsin Reporter.

  2. Or this entire group of liberals gone off the deep end? This link even has video.


    Video of protesters at a northern Wisconsin has been circulating for weeks, showing the protesters swearing at and threatening mine workers.

    In the June 11 incident, the protesters also took a camera from a worker for Gogebic Taconite and vandalized company equipment.

    Katie Kloth, one of the women in the video, faces a felony charge in Iron County for her actions. She has her initial court appearance on Monday.

  3. Now I know why I have to wait a half hour past my appointment time at the doctor’s office. The doctor is looking for a worthless retort to post on a blog.

  4. You can do better than that Tex!

    You don’t even know when I am at work.

    For your edification I typically work about 60 hours a week but at least 25% of those hours are on the weekend or outside of normal business hours.

    Do I post at work?


    Have I ever made a patient wait for me because of Applesauce?


    You wanna know what most often causes a delay in my schedule that impacts patients? Having to attend administrative functions,most often related to the business of health care and health care reform.

  5. shawnnews

    Corsi is the co-author of “Unfit for Command” the Swift Boat book.

  6. Craig Knauss

    Wow, doc, those are some real, hardcore nut cases. They’re definitely not model citizens like good ole right-winger Eric Rudolph. Now he was what you obviously consider well-balanced.


  7. Craig Knauss

    I can’t find anything about Corsi ever being in the military. That’s typical for a two-bit chickenhawk – avoid the military and then tarnish the reputation of someone who actually did serve. Real classy.

  8. kevind1986

    Look no further than Crazy Uncle Joe – Obama’s chosen right hand man:

    Biden – on record in 2007 – when Bush was president :
    “the president has no constitutional authority to take this country to war against a country of 70 million people unless we’re attacked or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked. And if he does, I would move to impeach him.”

    Yeah, now there’s a stable guy.

  9. Pat,

    You should look up “left wing kookier” in the blogosphere. Your picture and name are next to it.

    It’s ironic how 99% of “right wing” kooks don’t destroy other’s property or riot during their protests, while 99% of the “left wing” kooks do. Yet it is the LSM that decries violence but not that of their own ilk.

  10. Orlando Clay

    expdoc claims: “For your edification I typically work about 60 hours a week but at least 25% of those hours are on the weekend or outside of normal business hours.”

    Really? You mean you can’t find a member within your local chapter of Young Republicans willing to empty bedpans for minimum wage during nights and weekends?

    expdoc further claims: “Have I ever made a patient wait for me because of Applesauce? Nope.”

    OK, we’ll give you points for that. But, seriously, that’s probably not particularly hard to accomplish when you only see what, maybe 1 or 2 patients per day?

    expdoc also claims: “You wanna know what most often causes a delay in my schedule that impacts patients? Having to attend administrative functions,most often related to the business of health care and health care reform.”

    Yeah, we’ve all read stories on the Internet about the recent crackdown on fraudulent claims. Really, Doc, if you’re going to file bogus claims, you need to come up with better patient names than Felix DeKat, Dee Lerious, Rusty Pipes, and Ima Fakir.

  11. IMO blog post about the kooks on the right do nothing but bring out the bad side of this blog. As soon as you post about a kook on the right the blog is flooded with links to the kooks on the left. Next thing you know we are arguing about who has the most kooks.

    What I think would be interesting is to see more post about the good people on the right. Lets give our time to the people who are making this country better. Not the yahoos that are destroying this country.

    Doc do you know for sure those folks are liberals? I understand caring about the environment is a lefty thing, but even people on the right want to protect their lands. I think to often we assume because someone hates republicans they are a democrat supporter. I know in my case i think both sides stink. I think a lot of people my age feel the same way.

    Now what those people did at that mine was wrong. they should of never touched the ladies camera. But on the flip side at least they care. When coaching I never get upset with a kid for making a mistake as long as it was an effort mistake. I encourage these mistakes. We need to encourage more young people to get involved so we can have more of these teaching moments. I hope this young lady learns her lesson and continues to be involved no matter what side she is supporting.

  12. Good point Joe. We should all know by now what they say about a house divided. And we should all know by now that both parties are horribly corrupted by big dollar donors.

    The only real difference in the parties is how they error on social issues. If you’re republican you typically are anti-abortion, anti-gun control, anti-immigration. If you’re democrat you typically are pro-equality, pro-choice but prefer making wise choices before sex, and pro reasonable immigration reform. Those are the main issues that divide us and what each party uses as red meat to bait their base into voting for them as though that’s all that’s important to us.

    I want full representation, not just representation that appeases just some of what is important to me. I want a country like we had that invested in its citizens and saw us as the key to innovation and future prosperity. Now we are looked at as pockets to be picked or tracked for data collection.

  13. Orlando Clay,

    My favorite commenter on Applesauce. I really, really wish you would post all of the time. So revealing, so informative. The near perfect example of the liberal left in the U.S.. You aren’t quite as useful as the Peanut was, but he has long since been deep sixed by Pat.

    Keep on coming back O.C.! You’re the best!

  14. Brian Opsahl

    Doc, just left the Northwoods couldn’t find any snowmobile damage from the last 3 years…and the lakes also showed No signs…just sayin…!!

  15. Brian Opsahl

    Obviously your NOT reading the likes of….
    nuss,juice,terry,navyfly10 or soem of these guys…? most or all could be banned from this site.

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