Do you have false memories?

After you’ve watched the brief video below, read THIS.



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  1. I heard a similar type story on NPR last weekend, or was it the weekend before that? Anyway, this young Eastern European male immigrant was recalling his early years in the USA school system.

    He went on to become a very well educated and honored professor at some university in Chicago. His memory of who affected his early education the most, was compared with the teacher, who he claimed played that role in his life. The contrast between between her recollection and his were vast, with not much similarity other than her belief he would become the successful person he is. He stood by his memory even though there were facts that countered it.

    It’s kind of scary to think that so many court cases are decided based on a witness’s memory. Maybe this is how the value of all these camera’s and audio recording devices will be sold to the public, because it will protect us from being accused of something done by somebody who resembled us?

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