Wake up, America! Political elites, meeting in secrecy, have cooked up a federal takeover of your lives!


The following adaptation of a previous post is offered here in observance of a certain anniversary that’s coming up next week:

How naive can we be?

As we go about our daily routines — dutifully performing our jobs, tending to our homes and families, doing what it takes for this society to endure — a scheme so dastardly that it boggles the mind has unfolded in our nation’s capital.

But few, if any, of us ever register even a mild complaint about it. That’s how docile we’ve become.

It involves a document — a scheme, actually — that was drafted by a small group of political elites, working in utter secrecy, that dictates to us exactly how our system of government should be operated.

The people who drew up this plan were not elected by the populace to do so. Their deliberations weren’t open to the public. On the contrary; they were sworn to keep their mouths shut about what they were doing until the deed was done.

What’s worse, these elites said at first that they were getting together behind closed doors “for the sole and express purpose” of just tinkering a little with our existing system of government at the fringes. Instead, they threw the existing system into a trash can and came up with a scheme in which the federal government is “supreme,” as they put it.

What did they mean by “supreme”? Well, they said that their plan, and any laws adopted by the federal government under terms of that plan, will trump “anything in the constitution or laws of any state.” So much for the notion of states having the right to conduct their own affairs without interference from the federal government.

Moreover, this scheme — this so-called document — presumes to set up all manner of rules that profoundly affect our daily lives.

It sets certain standards for holding certain public offices and tells us that we can’t elect just anyone.

It says people accused of crimes have certain “rights” that we’re required to observe — rights that can turn dangerous miscreants loose on the slightest of technicalities.

It dictates to us in matters of religion, but it never even acknowledges that there’s a God in heaven.

It tells us, in effect, that when subversives spew anti-American rhetoric or peddle dangerous ideologies, we’re all supposed to pretend that such troublemakers have every right to do so.

And to top it all off, it sets up a procedure that makes it extremely difficult to make any changes in this plan.

Now, of course, you might ask how this scheme was foisted on us.

Did the American people vote on it? Nope. In fact, according to most experts, this plan would never have been approved had it been put to a public referendum.

Were voices of dissent raised against this plan? Yes. Some of our greatest patriots warned against it. One of those most prominent of these, a man of impeccable credentials (whose name I won’t mention here so as not to invite renewed ridicule of him among the scheming elites), called it “the most fatal plan that could possibly be conceived to enslave a free people.”

Now, here’s the ultimate outrage: This scheme of federal supremacy, this intrusion into our daily lives, this controversial document, this job-creation bill for lawyers and bureaucrats, has actually been read aloud in the U.S. House of Representatives — but our news media have paid no more than passing attention to these recitations.

Proponents of this scheme want us to believe it’s just wonderful. They tell us we’re supposed to regard it with the utmost respect — even though the politicians touting this document cannot even agree among themselves on what it really means.

And they’ll tell us that we’re all required to bow to the dictates of this plan.

They call it the U.S. Constitution, and next Tuesday is the 226th anniversary of the day it was signed by the political elites who drafted it.


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