New York woman of Asian-Indian descent crowned Miss America — and racist ignorami go nuts!


As one who considers beauty pageants silly and irrelevant, I wouldn’t ordinarily have anything to say here about last night’s Miss America doings in Atlantic City.

But I can’t resist taking note of how some folks are reacting to the crowning of Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, an Indian-American woman born in Syracuse.

If you Google the terms “racist” and “Miss America,” you’ll  get links to scads of stories about mouth-breathers taking issue with the pageant judges’ choice. Some idiots even refer to Davaluri as “an Arab” and “a Muslim.”



  1. Silly and irrelevant? Miss America? Why am I not surprised that you would think that? I wonder if the contestants think that they are silly and irrelevant?

    I didn’t want Ms. Davulari to win either, but it had nothing to do with her race.


  2. doc: Until such time as it has more to do with character, intelligence and talent than with beauty, the Miss America pageant will always be silly and irrelevant.

    Putting it another way, when a physically homely young woman has a chance of winning, the title might actually have some relevance to America’s better values.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    The whole pagent theme was ruined when Mr.Trump took over…Now I don’t care who they present as long as Trump’s name is on it I will never watch it again…

  4. Craig Knauss


    How is looking incredible in a skin tight bathing suit and high heels while “want(ing) to travel to promote peace” relevant to the real world? Idealistic? Yes. Relevant? Not so much.

    When a short, pudgy assembly line worker can win it so she can go to engineering school to design effective drinking water systems, I’ll take it seriously.

  5. Miss Kansas would have made a great Miss America. She has character, intelligence, and talent to spare.

    She loves archery, speaks fluent Chinese and has a pilot’s license. She’s also a skydiver, boxer, and a mechanic. On top of that she’s a tattoo-wearing, bowhunting, M16-shooting National Guard soldier.


  6. Brian Opsahl

    There’s something about a girl in bikini and an M-16 ..

  7. Steverino

    This is a once a year event when we get to enjoy the memories of Bert Parks singing “here she is”.

  8. Brian Opsahl

    Didn’t Rockford have a winner one time…?
    Judy Ford…or something like that..

  9. The new Miss America, Nina Davuluri, has a degree in Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Science.

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that intelligence has taken center stage on becoming Miss America. But being in fantastic health and shape is also part of the deal. The idea of needing to elect a homely or pudgy person to establish credibility is unrealistic. Modern day hair styles, dentists, and make up artists can do wonders for anyone of average looks.

    Of course, the bikini and night gown competitions need to go. But being in great health has to be a prerequisite. It’s something that is a model and goal for everyone.

  10. Steverino

    Brian – Judy Ford was from Belvidere and crowned in 1969. Her talent was jumping on a trampoline.

  11. Brian Opsahl

    Oh..come-on Nef…your taking all the fun for me out of it….No bikini’s..!!!

  12. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    What about Robert Lee, a man of Asian descent? Because of today’s outrage du jour, he was pulled from broadcasting a game at UVa… because the corporation that pays him didn’t want to offend anybody… absolute sillness worthy of The Onion.. but its reality…

    Why isn’t it on the MSM? Because it’s so ridiculous they don’t want to offend the Asian community… that’s why…

    Let’s not forget that Christopher Columbus is now under attack too .. a 225 year old statue of Columbus was destroyed in Baltimore. The perps said he was a racist because he was a founder of this country.. Nuts.. and you don’t see much of this story either on the MSM…


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