Alan Keyes is still around and still spewing nonsense? Who knew?

Remember Alan Keyes?

Some of us here in Illinois have a weird fondness for Keyes stemming from his quixotic (to put it politely) race against Democrat Barack Obama for a U.S. Senate seat back in 2004.

Keyes, who had gained some national notice when he ran for president in 1996 and 2000,  was recruited for the Illinois contest by Rockford State Sen. Dave Syverson, among others, when the winner of the GOP primary had to drop out in a sex scandal.

Keyes didn’t even live in Illinois, but the Republican poohbahs seemed to figure that their own articulate black guy could fare well against Obama, so they got him to move here from Maryland.

The result was a disaster. Keyes pompously declared that his candidacy was “God’s will,” and opined that Jesus Christ wouldn’t vote for Obama. He referred to Vice President Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter as “a selfish hedonist” and denounced all homosexuals, including his own daughter.

Keyes quickly became a statewide joke and ended up with only 27 percent of the vote.

When he slinked away from that humiliation, I figured we’d seen the last of him.  But, without anybody noticing, he announced his candidacy for president again in 2008, and showed up for a GOP debate in Des Moines, which only prompted disdain among conservative pundits who had previously regarded him with a certain amount of respect.

Anyway, Keyes is still out there and still making a fool of himself, as we see here:



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