Here’s a fun idea: Start an office pool on when the next mass shooting in America will occur


As I reported HERE yesterday, mass shootings in America are occurring at an ever faster pace these days. There have been three of them in just the past 14 months.

Hence, it seems to me that this quickening trend provides an opportunity for ordinary workaday folks to cash in.

An office pool could work like this: Participants pay one dollar for the right to submit guesses on when the next firearms massacre will occur. Entries will include an exact date — Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, for example. Every time a week passes without any such mass shootings, each participant pays another dollar into the pool.

When such an event (that is, a shooting spree resulting in at least 12 fatalities) finally occurs, half of the pool pot is paid to any participant(s) who guessed the exact date or came closer than anyone else. One-fourth is divided among those who guessed the right  month, and one-fourth goes to those who guessed the right day of the week.

What’s that? You say this is a tasteless treatment of awful tragedies? Well, then, what the hell are you doing to help prevent future such occurrences? And don’t tell me you’ve joined with the NRA in pushing for more and more guns in this society.


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