Prediction: Time magazine’s Person of the Year will be Edward Snowden or Pope Francis


Around this time every year, I give a passing thought or two to who might be Time magazine’s choice for Person of the Year.

Last year’s designee, Barack Obama, was easy to predict, what with his having won a second term as president. But sometimes the magazine comes up with a surprise choice — an industrialist (Harlow Curtice of General Motors in 1955) or a generic group (the Baby Boom generation in 1966; American women in 1975) or even a machine (the computer in 1982) or a planet (Earth in 1988).

Until yesterday, I would have thought that National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden had a lock on the designation for 2013. But now I’m leaning toward Pope Francis, who is profoundly changing the face of the largest Christian denomination in the world (see HERE).


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