Why does President Obama look so exhausted these days?


Roger Simon offers THIS SIMPLE ANSWER to the question above:

There are scorpions among us. They sit in Congress, committed not to solving problems, but blocking solutions.

They would take the food out of the mouths of children. They would put the insurance companies back in charge of health care. They would shut the government down, refuse to pay the nation’s bills, destroy the trust that other countries place in us when they buy our bonds, they would do all this rather than give President Obama the slimmest of political victories.

Why? It is their nature.

I am not talking about the entire Republican Party. I am talking about a faction of far-right, tea party-driven congressmen who do not care who drowns.



  1. theherandnow1

    Well, it is hard to pretend you know what you’re doing. And all that blaming of everyone else but not taking any responsibility, well that’s gotta take a toll too.

    I’m sure things would be a lot easier for him if we all just believed him and let him focus on what really matters to him: his golf game and when’s the next time he can have Jay-Z & Beyonce over.

  2. Hurry along, bigot boy! Bill O’Reilly comes on pretty soon. You don’t want to miss that.

  3. This phenomenon has nothing to do with scorpions, it has to do with the office and it happens to all Presidents.


  4. kevind1986

    The most divisive and least personally responsible president ever. Try to find a speech where he isn’t blaming someone or something else. But hey, it works for his party; don’t actually have to achieve or produce anything, just have to promise to give away what others have. Now THAT is a heavy burden.

  5. I wonder who the cons will blame when Obama is gone. When one party has passed the same bill42 times while knowing it will never matter it makes you wonder how these folks can continue to blame Obama.

    Don’t get me wrong. Obama stinks, but the republicans have taken stink to a whole new level.

  6. kevind1986: That’s your dumbest comment ever, which is no easy feat.

    Your obstructionist Tea Party friends in Congress throw all manner of garbage at Obama, and you call him “divisive”?


  7. thehereandnow1

    Pat, please tell me what part of my comment necessitated you to call me “bigot boy”? The fact that he has shown that he does not take responsibility for anything and consistently blames others (mainly Republicans and previous presidents) has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Neither does my remark about his having Jay-Z and Beyonce over. While he was very keen on blaming Republicans (surprise surprise) for the reason that the White House was closed to the public, he had no problem holding parties for his friends, like the aforementioned Jay-Z and Beyonce. I’m sure that if he just cancelled one of those parties the money saved could’ve opened the White House for public tours for weeks. And what about golf could be construed as bigoted? In fact with the exception of Tiger Woods, golf is easily (yet mistakenly) characterized as a rich white man’s game.

    Why is it that liberals feel that when someone criticizes the current president all they have to do is call them bigoted? It is pretty sad when their only come-back is to declare a person racist.

    And to Joe – my question to you, why is it that the Senate, who are the same party as the president, has not been able to pass a budget in the last 5+ years? Even when they had the super-majority they couldn’t. And no, sorry, Obama has taken full ownership of the blame game. It’d be a shame if he grew up and took responsibility.

  8. Possum Jenkins: Spare me the stupid right-wing rhetoric about Obama’s failure to pass a budget. Apparently, you don’t know the first thing about the federal budget. You just parrot the nonsense you get from nutcase pundits.

    If you want to educate yourself on this matter, read this:


  9. By the way, Possum, where and when did I accuse you of judging Obama on the basis of “the color of his skin”?

    Answer that one, bigot boy.

  10. thehereandnow1

    Better yet Pat, tell me why you referred to me as “bigot boy”

    And when was the last time the Senate passed a budget? The House has managed to, why not the senate?

  11. Craig Knauss

    The House doesn’t pass a budget. They pass the Appropriation bill.

    The Senate attempts to pass a budget keep winding up in filibuster.

  12. thehereandnow1

    What about 2009 when they had the super-majority? And forgive me for not recalling the exact year, but the Senate to a vote of the president’s own budget, and even a majority of his own party voted it down.

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