A question for which there is no clear answer: Who’s the leader of the Republican Party?


If you ask Republicans who is the leader of their party these days, you’re going to get a wide a mix of answers, none of which comes even close to a consensus choice.

Or you’re going to get a shrug of puzzlement.

The reasons for this are many, including the indisputable fact that the GOP currently is rent by its own civil war. At almost every turn of late, you’ll hear or read of Republicans saying some pretty nasty things about one another. The far-rightists think the party establishment is dominated by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). And the so-called RINOs think the Tea Party gang is a bunch of wackos.

Brent Budowsky has MORE TO SAY about all of this:

Republicans lack any credible or coherent national leader. They are dominated by extreme factions pursuing banana republic tactics. They threaten a government shutdown and U.S. default that could trigger a new financial crash.

There is a cancer on the Republican Party. It metastasizes in ways that hurt the nation and violate core values of the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

I call those who cause this cancer the Banana Republicans. GOP leaders who know better — but who tolerate this cancer — are derelict in their duty to their party and our country.

The Banana Republicans who dominate the GOP do not respect the integrity and credibility of democratic institutions such as Congress. They disrespect the legitimacy of political opponents and disparage large numbers of Americans who oppose their views and fear their tactics. They contemptuously disrespect the legitimacy of Democratic presidents, even those elected by large majorities of voters.

Banana Republicans attack good-faith compromise, honorable negotiation and functional government — THEY are the Washington dysfunction that Americans deplore.

Reagan, the conservative icon who deeply believed in governance and negotiation, would be outraged by Banana Republicans today.

Repeated threats by Banana Republicans to shut down the U.S. government if their extremism does not prevail are reminiscent of tactics by banana republic politicians from other continents in previous centuries, who like Banana Republicans today held in contempt the democratic values of free nations made up of diverse citizens.

Banana Republicanism began in the 1990s with rightist Republican invectives against Bill and Hillary Clinton, culminating in their hyperpartisan efforts to impeach President Clinton, which constituted an attempted banana republic-like coup d’état.

Banana Republicans would destroy the U.S. Senate as an institution of government through filibuster abuse.

Banana Republicans do not merely call for changing ObamaCare; they aggressively try to obstruct and destroy the faithful execution of a law of the land that was duly passed by Congress and signed by the president — a radical extreme opposed by most Americans.

Banana Republicans oppose jobs programs with fervent partisan fanaticism, launch ugly attacks against providing food for hungry children over the objection of spiritual and religious leaders, assault collective bargaining that Republicans have traditionally supported, attack pensions for fire fighters and teachers and police while championing lucrative pensions for themselves, believe corporations are people but citizens should not have a protected right to vote, and argue that wealthy factions should have the power to buy elections.

And now, Banana Republicans are threatening to sink the economy and crash the markets with repeated threats to force a government shutdown and trigger a U.S. default — extremism that alarms even stalwart GOP business leaders, GOP investors and GOP donors.



  1. Obviously Rush Limbaugh.

  2. For a group with no leader they have done a good job at ruining obamas presidency. Someone is calling the shots somewhere. If you want to know who that is follow the money. The sad thing is you could say the same thing about the democrats. Obama is nothing more then an elected Jay Carney.

  3. Steverino

    Koch brothers are the top bananas.

  4. Not sure if expdoc is being sarcastic, but he’s correct. The GOP is adrift. The more they move to the right, the more they lessen their chances of being a party of real consequence. That’s a demographic and ideological certainty. Young people today look at the GOP as an out-of-touch monolith obsessed with gay marriage, abortion, war and corporate welfare. None of those issues play well with younger voters. Move toward the center a bit, moderate some positions and try to pick off some of the conservative Dems and they might have a shot.

  5. The leader of the Democratic party loves corporate welfare, he has been one of it’s biggest proponents.

    He has also prosecuted several wars/military actions and just tried to start another one and was shut down by the world community.

  6. Craig Knauss


    Give us some examples to back up your accusations. Especially your last statement which is absurd.

  7. Craig: You’re right about the absurdity of doc’s last statement.

    Obama has passed ownership of the Syrian civil war to Vladimir Putin, and in the process has prompted the Syrian government to admit, at long last, that it has a cache of chemical weapons. Syria has now agreed to surrender those weapons.

    But doc says Obama has been “shut down by the world community” in this matter.

    That assertion is beyond stupid and betrays doc’s pathological Obamaphobia.

  8. Ahh doc meant Obama. I thought he was suggesting a republican was running the Democratic Party.

  9. Steverino

    The media was spinning war stories. Thankfully we had a president who used intelligence and firmness to arrive at a settlement unlike his predecessor who used stupidity and deceit.

  10. doc: What is that piece to which you’ve linked supposed to prove? It doesn’t disprove any of the points I made in response your foolish claim that Obama was “shut down by the world community” on the Syrian situation.

  11. The President announced we were going to attack (questionable in it’s own right). The British refused to support us and the President turned to the UN who slapped the Syrians on the wrist…maybe.

    Assad used weapons of mass destruction to brutally kill his own people after he was warned by the U.S. not to cross that “red line”. He danced across it and now….. he gains legitimacy.

  12. expdoc, you don’t know that Assad used weapons on his own people. Nobody has definitive evidence who did it.

  13. So, let me get this straight. The UN’s mandate was never to assess blame but they are? Really? How many times were we told it wasn’t their mission, but now it is? There’s no way Assad ordered that attack. Why on earth would he invite the world’s most powerful military to attack him by doing the very thing that would initiate a response? I don’t give a flying F what anybody says. We’re lied to all the time.

    “The report provided ample evidence SUGGESTING that only the Assad regime was capable of executing the sort of attack that occurred on Aug. 21, but it shied away from directly blaming the Syrian government for the attack, in accordance with its more limited purview.” Even the UN wasn’t going to stick their neck out. They used the wording they were told to. “Suggesting” says it all.

    If there’s unequivocal proof that Assad did this attack, then they better bring him up in a world court like they did the Nazi’s for their war crimes. If they don’t then this report is pure BS.

    You believe what you want, I’ll be what I want. We’re suppose to believe that the UN knows exactly what kinds of military assault weapons each side has available to them and the opposing side didn’t have that kind of equipment also available to them? With what we know about Middle East politics, where they all are in bed with each other when it suits their purpose, but yet only the Assad regime had those kinds of weapons? Really, it’s that black and white. BS

    Like I said, if he and his govt did it, then bring them up on war crimes charges otherwise its all a fabrication. If the evidence is there, let the trial begin if even in absentia (sp).

    And let’s not forget Bush had evidence to support everything he and his Neocon team sold us about Iraq. And I’m sure you were there to support that cause too.

    Where’s your common sense? Suggesting is not definitive.

  14. PS – I’m reminded of that time when GWB was on national TV preparing us for war with Iraq. He had Kofi Annan standing next to him. GWB went on to tell the viewers that the USA was given no alternatives to war because Saddam H didn’t let the inspectors in. I’ll never forget the expression Kofi’s face when Bush lied about the inspectors not being allowed in. The inspectors lead by Hans Blix were in Iraq doing the inspections, but they weren’t finding in favor of the Bush regimes goals and had to hurry up and get out before the bombs began to drop. Never did Kofi Annan challenge GWB’s lie. The USA can be very initimidating. The USA gets what it wants and truth and facts never get in the way.

  15. Maybe Assad wasn’t worried about being attacked by the worlds most powerful military.

  16. exp, the problem we encounter when dealing with pathological liars/deceivers is, they mix a bit of fact with a big set of well orchestrated lies and deceptions. So, we may never really know the truth.

    I still think a war crimes trial for Assad is necessary if the USA wants to be credible in their assertions. In a court of law, I’d like to see how observations that “suggest” involvement are introduced and made definitive. I would think the defense would shred that position into indefensible pieces.

  17. Somehow this thread got OT and onto Syria.. I’m wondering and have wondered ever since this Syria issue got elevated status in the USA, how much this guy and this country’s role is behind our involvement there? I don’t think Netany… likes Obama.


  18. Neftali

    Who is the Leader of the Democratic party?

    40% say the party has no leader.


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