When are decent Republicans going to speak out against the offensive rhetoric of the extremists?


Ted Cruz says Republican lawmakers who don’t emulate his style of slash-and-burn opposition  to Obamacare are no better than the Nazi-appeasers of 75 years ago.

Michele Bachmann says on the floor of the House of Representatives that Obamacare must be stopped before “it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens.”

Not so long ago, this kind of over-the-top rhetoric would have prompted more than a few Republicans to demand that the offenders cease and desist.

But I guess times have changed.



  1. What’s really scary is this article in the HuffPo about Cruz being more trusted by republicans than Boehner and McConnell, as though they are moderates and not hindering Obama enough?


  2. Steverino

    The GOP has suffered for years with Limbaughitis which compromises their ability to be respectful and rational.

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