Americans tend to be less concernerned about global warming than people of other nations


THIS ARTICLE reminds me of the sorry fact that Americans also are more inclined than many other populations in the world to disbelieve theories of evolution:

The climate scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have released a sweeping new report on global climate change, and the implications are pretty scary…

The report is a reminder that the world’s leading greenhouse gas emitters, the United States and China, are doing little to combat it. Which is, in turn, a reminder that people in both countries can sometimes view climate change reports such as this one with greater skepticism than do people in other countries.

It’s worth putting that skepticism into context. Just how seriously do Americans and other nationalities take the threat of climate change? Pew actually sought to answer that question earlier this year, with a big study on attitudes around the world toward various global threats. Here’s a chart showing attitudes toward climate change in a few dozen countries. Americans are some of the least likely in the world to call climate change a “major threat,” and are ranked 33rd out of 39.




  1. Dan Pangburn

    The one significant driver of the average global temperature trend since 1610 is disclosed at http://conenssti.blogspot.com/

  2. Russell C

    This article reminds me that an astounding number of IPCC / Al Gore followers are inclined to accept ‘fossil fuel industry corrupt funding’ accusations against skeptic scientists that have every appearance as being conspiracy theory as bad as what’s put out by 911 Truthers.

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