Welcome to the shutdown! Oh, and say your prayers if you’re flying anywhere anytime soon!


HERE‘s an especially sobering angle to the government shutdown:

We’re barely into Day One of the Republican shutdown of the government and it’s already time to fasten your seatbelts:

Nearly 3,000 aviation safety inspectors are being furloughed by the Federal Aviation Administration as part of the government shutdown, the union representing the inspectors said Monday.

The inspectors check to make sure airlines are maintaining their planes safely, conduct inspections at airports of planes and pilots, and visit domestic and foreign repair stations where airlines send planes for major overhauls, among other safety jobs, said Kori Blalock Keller, a spokeswoman for the union, Professional Aviation Safety Specialists.

But, hey, House Republicans don’t want you to worry because:

FAA spokeswoman Kristie Greco … said nearly 2,500 safety office personnel – including some inspectors – will be furloughed, but they may be called back to work incrementally over the next two weeks.

They may … or may not.

The phrase “on a wing and a prayer” just took on a whole new meaning.



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