Intellectually slumming, George will leaves ABC for Fox News


Color me surprised at THIS:

Conservative columnist and pundit George Will is leaving his decades-long perch at ABC News and joining Fox News, the network announced on Tuesday. Will is set to contribute to programs across the channel…

Will has been a mainstay at ABC since the early 1980s, where he has been a panelist on “This Week” since the program began.

“We are delighted to have someone of George’s stature join Fox News,” Michael Clemente, the network’s senior vice president for news, said in a statement. “His wisdom is enduring and his achievements are far too long to list.”

An ABC news spokesperson told HuffPost’s Michael Calderone that the shift of “This Week” from Washington to New York—something done to accommodate host George Stephanopoulos, who also anchors “Good Morning America” from Manhattan—played a major role in Will’s decision, since he was having to travel most weeks to New York to film the show.

Stephanopoulos provided a statement to Calderone as well: “As all his readers know, George is brilliant. Those of us lucky enough to work with him also know that he’s a consummate gentleman. I learned from him every week, and wish him all good things.”

Will joins fellow Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer in the Fox News stable.



  1. Neftali

    He will provide a voice of reason to counteract the more radical people on the right.

  2. thehereandnow1

    Well if he was intellectually bankrupt he would’ve gone to MSNBC, or what I imagine you’re favorite is Pat, al-Jazeera America.

  3. Neftali

    thehereandnow1 – Have you ever looked at Al-jazeera? It’s a lot more reliable and fact-based that most American “main stream” news outlets like NBC.

    Your lame prejudice against Muslims has hurt you from checking out a credible news source. Al-jazeera is what CNN used to be.


  4. thehereandnow1

    Your first mistake is implying that NBC is fact based. Remember how they doctored the Zimmerman 911 call?

    But then you fall into the typical liberal trap. That my criticism of al-Jazeera is a sign of Muslim prejudice. Alas I imagine you are like so many other liberals who are also of the vein of if you criticize Obama then you are a racist. It is pretty said when a group of people have resorted to the tired, 99% false claim that disagreeing with someone is solely based on racial or religious prejudice. Taking your false claim a step further I wouldn’t be surprised if you made the claim that my bad-mouthing MSNBC was because of my prejudice against lesbians. Now granted, none of what you said or accused of me is true, I have friends of all races, religions, and sexual persuasions. But if it makes you liberals feel superior for saying it, then I guess you feel it’s ok to lie.

  5. Finally, we get a conservative with a conscience. Glenn Beck admits he played a role in tearing the country apart. FOX News is amongst the worst things to happen to this country in the past 20 years, ranking right up there with 9/11 and the Neocon agenda.

    The one good thing about all of this is FOX News is a dinosaur in its last stages of life. The young people don’t watch it. Only the older geezers who refuse to think that some tv channel could be using their prejudices and ignorance against them in a way that makes them vote against their own best interest.


    (So far, 4 times to get the recaptcha right. It’s not readable more often than not.)

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