Right-wing blogosphere aflame with wacky theories regarding incident near U.S. Capitol


At this writing, no one knows for sure if there was any political agenda involved in the violence this afternoon near the U.S. Capitol.

But here’s some speculation I’ve gleaned from comments on far-right websites (with original spellings and punctuation):

“I think it was a liberal . . . maybe the same one who went after the Republican Congressman. What’s interesting is that the suspects ALWAYS conveniently die . . . because if they didn’t, they couldn’t carry out all these false flag events as well as they do.”

“I bet she was either a democrat muslim or on meds or all the above but no they will say she was a conservative tea partier instead until the facts come out.”

“i really do think this is another drama set up for gun control and a new executive order…”


“Clearly, once again, the inflammatory rhetoric of OBOZO, dingy harry reid, dingbat pelosi and the other d-cRAT socialist extremists has provoked a catastrophe.”

“Union thugs.”

“99% of the time it’s a liberal.”

“Liberals have a mental disorder and are in fact crazy. They should be the first ones we look at.”

“Exactly, who is engaging in destructive rhetoric. 0bama and his minions have been smearing the republicans for a month, and don’t believe for a moment that 0bama didn’t want this shut down. Yesterday a Republican Congressman was assaulted as he left the Capitol building. I’m putting my money on a leftist.”

“Isn’t it odd that there’s ALWAYS 2nd shooters, sometimes 3rd, but they always disappear from the reporting by the next day when they are much more careful who they interview.”

“When we decide to arm up and take back the capitol, you will never see us coming.”



  1. Steverino

    Shameless reaction to a tragic event by a small minority of people who use Exlax as a breath mint.

  2. thehereandnow1

    You mean like the various liberals who painted Gabby Gifford’s shooter as a Tea Party extremist, even going so far as to try and tie in a graphic on Sarah Palin’s web site with target sites on it as motivation. Or maybe ABC’s Brian Ross, who in the ensuing hours after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting went on TV and gave as news how the only person they found with the name of the shooter was a Tea Party member (though he did have to back-track some hours later). Or when the person was caught in an explosives filled van in Times Square Mayor Bloomberg said he was probably some conservative mad at Obamacare. Or the reaction of the media during the Zimmerman shooting, trying to paint him as a white Republican racist, although they had to backpedal and create a new term, White-Hispanic (I guess by that rationale Obama would be a White-African), and the fact that he had more democratic party leanings.

    The only difference between the situations I mentioned above and what Pat’s pointed out is that Pat had to scour various websites for comments from average people. The cases I point out we on national television seen by millions more people.

  3. Dumb people are unaware of how small a role they play in life, and so tend to overstate that role, because they’re aware of nothing beyond themselves. Another meaningless article written by a mindless liberal. Go back to your Marxist world. You forgot to blame Bush, the NRA, and global warming. Don’t worry though, the big eared guy is going to fix everything…

  4. Craig Knauss

    “Dumb people are unaware of how small a role they play in life, and so tend to overstate that role, because they’re aware of nothing beyond themselves.”

    I agree. Paul. That’s why dumb people make comments like the ones in Pat’s article. They know nothing and they contribute nothing. And now we get another nonsense comment written by a mindless conservative bobble-head. Yep, your Supremacist buddies will fix everything.

  5. Did anybody not see this coming? I smell a law suit coming.

    I think the police did the right thing. It’s unfortunate it happened the way it did, but she was out of control and using her vehicle as a weapon. She’d harmed people with her vehicle. She was attempting to go after the POTUSA. Why do they feel she should have received special treatment?

    Wasn’t there a case in Rockford where a young man, who was mentally ill, was pointing a fake gun at a police officer? He was shot and killed. His family thought he shouldn’t have been?

    If this family wants to do anything in their daughters/sisters memory, they should lobby congress to place more funds towards mental illness treatment. I’ve also heard these new anti-depressants that so many people are on have some very bad side effects. I’ve also read that many of these young boys who’ve gone on shooting sprees in schools have also been on these new anti-depressants, but that fact has been omitted from the official record because the drug companies yield that much influence, especially by the politicians who protect their financial interest at the expense of public safety and to ensure they continually get political donations for their re-elections.


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