The only term for this nonsense is “through the looking glass”


Author Lewis Carroll’s sequel to “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was a book titled “Through the Looking Glass,” which gave rise in popular culture to a metaphor for things that get turned around from reality.

That same metaphor perfectly fits a certain situation at Fox News, where efforts to downplay the effects of the unpopular shutdown have reached ridiculous lengths.

The folks at Fox have taken to substituting the word “slimdown” for “shutdown,” as if it’s good news rather than bad news (see above). But they carried this theme a bit too far when they used “slimdown” in a headline on a column by one of their own people who criticizes them for employing this ruse to begin with.

The story is HERE.


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  1. And now McConnell wants unlimited money from the corporations so they can be owned lock stock and barrel by the corporations that already own our elected reps. No shame. That’s the problem with these politicians, they got no shame. Shame is just us little guys.


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