Conservative writer says Republicans are often deluded by the right-wing echo chamber


Daniel Larison of The American Conservative says THIS of the controversy over the government shutdown:

The trouble is that the Republicans most eager to have this fight may believe that they can prevail somehow, and they seem to be encouraged in this belief because they are relying on the same sources of misinformation that have served them so poorly in the past.

It is as if no one learned anything from the experience of the party-wide delusion that Romney was going to win the election. Some Republicans are making all of the same mistakes that they made when they ignored all of the evidence suggesting that the GOP was likely to lose in 2012. Most of the time, the echo chamber hurts conservatives and Republicans by making them oblivious to inconvenient facts and ideas, but in this case it is leading them to believe in an alternate political reality with its own set of rules. In that alternative reality, a pointless, self-defeating effort becomes a clever political strategy, and obnoxious and politically toxic tactics are treated as normal and appropriate.


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