What if Obama emulated the Republicans’ style of political blackmail?

Republican blackmail

Nicholas Kristof NAILS IT:

Suppose President Obama announced:

Unless Republicans agree to my proposal for gun control, I will use my authority as commander in chief to scuttle one aircraft carrier a week in the bottom of the ocean.

I invite Republican leaders to come to the White House and negotiate a deal to preserve our military strength. I hope Republicans will work with me to prevent the loss of our carrier fleet.

If the Republicans refuse to negotiate, I will be compelled to begin by scuttling the U.S.S. George Washington in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, with 80 aircraft on board.

In that situation, we would all agree that Obama had gone nuts. Whatever his beefs with Republicans, it would be an inexcusable betrayal to try to get his way by destroying our national assets. That would be an abuse of power and the worst kind of blackmail.

And in that kind of situation, I would hope that we as journalists wouldn’t describe the resulting furor as a “political impasse” or “partisan gridlock.” I hope that we wouldn’t settle for quoting politicians on each side as blaming the other. It would be appropriate to point out the obvious: Our president had tumbled over the edge and was endangering the nation.

Today, we have a similar situation, except that it’s a band of extremist House Republicans who are deliberately sabotaging America’s economy and damaging our national security — all in hopes of gaining leverage on unrelated issues.




  1. Neftali

    I understand Kristof’s point, but his example is absolutely absurd, if not completely stupid. A President essentially going to war against his own military is certainly grounds for impeachment, if not prosecution for treason.

    A more realistic example would be liberals refusing to fund a Republican program unless Republicans agree to stricter gun laws.

  2. Milton Waddams

    You find that crazy typewriter and you’ll have your kidnappers.

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