Poll: Republicans losing ground in shutdown blame game


THIS should come as no great surprise:

The Republicans in Congress have lost ground against Barack Obama in blame over the government shutdown, with Americans expressing increasing criticism of both parties in Washington, while the president’s avoided that rise in public ire.

Seventy percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll disapprove of how the Republicans in Congress are handling the budget negotiations, up 7 percentage points from a week ago. Far fewer, 51 percent, disapprove of Obama’s approach, essentially unchanged in the past week.

The Democrats in Congress remain between the two: Sixty-one percent disapprove of their handling of the budget breakdown, up 5 points in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.

In another way to look at the results, Obama’s gone from 41-50 percent approve-disapprove last week to 45-51 percent now – a 9-point negative margin then, a similar 6-point negative margin today. The Democrats likewise show little change overall (from a 22- to a 26-point negative gap). But the Republicans have gone from 26-63 percent approve-disapprove to 24-70 percent, an initial 37-point difference widening now to a 46-point negative result.

Most of the changes for both parties come from previously undecided Americans coming to a negative opinion of their work. But a challenge for the Republicans in particular is that their disapproval ratings for handling the situation have increased numerically across the partisan board, among Republicans (+7 points), independents (+5) and Democrats (+9) alike.



  1. thehereandnow1

    Hey Pat, how about a story on how it’s fine and dandy for Obama to deploy extra guards to try and keep elderly war heroes from visiting the WW2 monument, yet it’s perfectly fine to open up the National Mall for an immigration rally?

  2. thehereandnow1

    Way back in 2006, when that evil President Bush was in office, a fresh-faced young ‘un to the Senate from Illinois proclaimed:

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. … I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”
    — Then-Sen. Barack Obama, floor speech in the Senate, March 16, 2006

    Little-known to us regular folk, there was a final sentence to his speech. It was “Unless I’m president, then I can do it however many times I want and can blame Republicans.”

    Remember, it’s only wrong if he can’t do it.

  3. THAN1, Thanks for reminding us of the pathological nature that makes up the politicians we vote for. I voted for Obama twice. Everyday I see just how not different from the rest he really is.

  4. Neftali

    Anyone who thinks it’s the Republican’s fault is wrong.

    The House passed a spending bill for 2014 that is a CR that fully funds PPACA with the exception of the Individual Mandate tax.

    The Senate passed a spending bill for 2014 that is a CR that fully funds PPACA which includes the Individual Mandate tax.

    The two sides of Congress have two different bills that they need to negotiate over. The Republicans are willing to negotiate, the liberals are not.

    The shutdown is clearly the fault of the liberals.

  5. This showdown is and always was all about defunding and destroying Obamacare. The republicans are willing to destroy international relations as well as the overall economy out of spite and just plain mean spiritidness.

    Mr Boehner, hold a vote and let the reps go on record, so the corporations can see whose opposition candidate they need to fund.

  6. thehereandnow1

    The last deal put forth by the House DID NOT have anything in it pertaining to destroying Obamacare. Yet because it didn’t specifically say, “We love Obamacare and agree to let Barrack spend as much money as he wishes on it”, Harry ‘Skeletor’ Reid won’t even consider it. It is the Democrats who are making the most of this shutdown, you just gotta wonder how much longer it’ll take until people finally realize the Dems are playing them all for suckers.

    Mr Reid, hold a vote and let the senators go on record, so the PEOPLE can see who think that congresspeople are entitled to 76% subsidies on their healthcare while average Americans are not.

  7. Craig Knauss

    “The shutdown is clearly the fault of the liberals.”

    Who do you think you’re fooling, nef? The “liberals” passed the resolution in the Senate already. The “liberals” are waiting to vote on it in the House, however BOEHNER won’t call it up for vote. He says the votes aren’t there, which is total BS. He’s afraid if he calls up a clean resolution that it WILL pass. Boehner is not the president. Boehner has NEVER won a national election. I’m not sure Boehner has even won an Ohio-wide election. (I think Obama carried Ohio.) Boehner only represents one single congressional district in Ohio.

    In case you forgot, Obama was elected president TWICE campaigning on the ACA. The Senate passed the ACA. The House passed the ACA. The Supreme Court ruled it WAS constitutional. Despite all this, Boehner and the House Republicans have tried 42 times to defund it. And you blame it on “the liberals”? You are only fooling yourself.

  8. thehereandnow1

    So let me get this straight here Craig, you are willing to go on record saying that you don’t have a problem with a family of 4 making $94,000 /yr. NOT being eligible for subsidies for Obamacare, and are perfectly fine with a Congressperson making a BASE salary or $174,000 is eligible for a 76% subsidy?

    Want to tell us again how the liberals/democrats are the real party of the people?

  9. THAN1? Why are you muddying the waters with a whole different battle than what sparked the shutdown and default showdown? Do you think your TP buds are going to settle for something less? The only reason Cruz isn’t on the senate program is because his wife gets a better plan at her job with Goldman Sachs. He’s not standing on principle, he’s taking the better of the two options.

  10. thehereandnow1

    Robert, your first mistake was saying, “Your TP buds”. The fact is that one of the last versions of a CR the House put forth did in no way de-fund Obamacare; it simply called for a 1 year delay on the individual mandate (since it was good enough for the business mandate), and removed the subsidies (76%) offered to members of Congress. It was the DEMOCRATS who refused to even consider it or show up at the bargaining table. Obama, his puppet Harry, and you other libs are so keen on decrying Boehner for not putting the Senate’s proposal to an up or down vote when Reid wouldn’t even consider a proposal from the House that did not de-fund Obamacare.

    And I don’t blame Sen. Cruz or any other halfway intelligent person for choosing to stick on their or their spouse’s insurance plan if possible. This thing called Obamacare is a nightmare and anyone who would willingly give up their plan for it should have their head examined. It’d be like giving up a Ferrari for a Ford Pinto.

  11. Craig Knauss


    Try sticking to the subject. The discussion is about the shutdown. Got it? Why won’t Boehner allow a vote?

    And BTW, where’s your proof that congress will get healthcare subsidies? Got any?

  12. The insurance companies still pay the bills. What’s the nightmare? Define it please.

  13. Neftali

    Craig – The history lesson is irrelevant. What matters is the current events. The House passed one bill. The Senate passed another bill. The Senate leaders refuse to negotiate. The shutdown is clearly the fault of the liberals.

  14. Craig Knauss

    Your history lesson is irrelevant. Mine isn’t. It takes TWO sides to negotiate. Boner refuses to move on any budget until Obamacare is defunded. It doesn’t matter which version is used, House’s or Senate’s, Boner won’t move until Obamacare is removed from the budget. And why should Obama give in when the ACA has been approved, in one version or the other, in BOTH houses and has been ruled to be constitutional?

    You seem to keep forgetting one important thing: John Boehner is NOT the president. Never has been and never will be.

  15. Big business is shedding some of its investments due to the debt ceiling mess. How many other places are shedding potential liabilities because of the republican created mess in WA DC?

    Don’t think for a moment that big monied campaign donors are going to forget these moments, especially when the Democrats come knocking on the door next election season.


  16. Why does this website flip flop between a newer format and the old one?

  17. Robert: I have no idea. I’m checking into it.

  18. Craig – You are wrong again. Republicans are almost completely funding PPACA in their last offer, which is to pass the bill in its entirety with the exception of the Individual Mandate Tax. Here is the latest bill for your reference.


    There is over $500 BILLION in additional revenue. Stuff like an increase of capital gains tax from 15% to 23.8% and Dividends tax from 15$ to 43.4%, and a hike in Medicare Payroll Tax (all on people making over $200K). There is the tax of medical device manufacturers, a tax on Innovator Drug Companies, a “Black liquor” tax hike, and a new tax on indoor tanning services.

    So there is plenty of funding for ObamaCare that Republicans have agreed to. It can easily survive and thrive without the Individual Mandate Tax. Remember, the President has already given a one-year delay for Corporate Mandate taxes, (The legality of THAT is highly questionable), so why can’t Congress give a one year delay for the Individual Mandate?

    This whole debate is now around the Individual Mandate. We don’t need it. Democrats are throwing a hissy fit thinking we do, and THEY have shut down the government because of it.

  19. Steverino

    The ACA was passed by the House and Senate, signed by the President and confirmed by the Supreme Court. Can’t get better than that so let’s move on. There’s other business at hand which needs the attention of all legislators especially the dysfunctional GOP which apparently can’t cope with the results of the last election.

  20. Neftali, thanks for that update. I’ve never agreed with the mandate but the SCOTUSA said it was legal and not much I can do from there. We’ve been told the whole ACA was premised on everybody being forced to buy into the program to spread the cost of the more needy users of healthcare amongst those who aren’t. In all honesty I’d like to see Medicare for all and pay a nominal fee like my parents did. It worked for them. Maybe they could begin that process by starting with 50 and older as the first group to enter that kind of program. I’m dreaming.

  21. Steverino has parroted the popular liberal meme that is all over the netroots at the moment. But like most things the liberals splurt out, it hold no truth to reality.

    Many laws get passed, then validated by the Supreme Court. That doesn’t make it right. Look at the Dred Scott decision. Each and every year we amend laws and Congress assigns appropriations. Now, Republicans are clearly in the wrong to try and repeal ObamaCare entirely through lack of fund allocation to the whole thing. But there is nothing wrong with Republicans funding $500 Billion in new revenue in ObamaCare with the exception of the Individual Mandate tax.

    As previously stated, there is more than enough new taxes to keep ObamaCare running. There is no reason for the Democrats to continue with the government shutdown. Even Jon Stewart has questioned the need of the Individual Mandate Tax at this time.

  22. thehereandnow1

    Whether or not it’s in the current negotiations by all means we should keep Obamacare going at full steam. It’s such a success!


  23. Steverino

    Perhaps in the future our elected representatives will check with you first Nef before passing any legislation. In the meantime enjoy the ACA and it’s many benefits.

    • thehereandnow1

      And what benefits might those be Steverino? The benefit of spending however many wasted hours trying to log in to a website unsuccessfully? Or maybe being able to log on to the website only to find out that trying to go further only to find unresponsive web pages? Or being able to create an account only to find out that that account’s been deleted and you have to start all over again?

      I suppose if you were to compare it to say banging one’s head against the wall, then yes, there are benefits.

      But hey Steve-o, keep on thinking it’s the bee’s knees.

  24. Steverino

    Nothing and I mean nothing runs smoothly the first time around. You crybaggers fail to comprehend the magnitude of this health care program and find it easier to sit on your posteriors and complain, in fact you have been complaining since the Obama’s moved into the White House. Your party is dysfunctional and not capable of finding reasonable solutions under a democratic process. Perhaps a good civics lesson would be in order.

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