GOP poll numbers getting worser and worser


Look at the bright side, Republicans. Your party is still above rock bottom.

But THIS is not good:

Republicans continue to absorb the bulk of the blame for the the protracted budget impasse, with a poll released Monday showing public disapproval of the GOP’s handling of the crisis reaching an apex.

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll found 74 percent of Americans disapproving of how congressional Republicans are handling the budget negotiations, up from 63 percent two weeks ago. Fifty-four percent said they “strongly” disapprove of the Republicans while 20 percent said they “somewhat” disapprove. Only 21 percent said they approve of the way Republicans have handled the talks.

The poll found Republicans receiving far more blame than the other parties in the negotiations. Fifty-three percent said they disapprove of how President Barack Obama has handled the negotiations while 61 percent said they disapprove of Democrats in Congress.

The ABC/WaPo also confirms trends shown in the overwhelming majority of shutdown polls, including an NBC/Wall Street Journal survey released last week that showed the GOP’s approval rating falling to an all-time low.


FOOTNOTE: If you scour the right-wing blogosphere, you might find some theories to the effect that the polls currently reflecting poorly on Republicans with regard to the government shutdown are skewed in favor of Democratic respondents.

But then, these theories come from the same people who said the polls of last fall indicating the re-election of President Obama also were skewed.

You see, bad news for the radical right is always — ALWAYS — the result of some sinister liberal conspiracy.




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