The mainstream media are always ready to absolve the Republican Party of its misdeeds


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog NAILS IT:

The conventional narrative right now is that the government shutdown and debt brinkmanship are doing tremendous damage to the GOP, as seen in that new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, and that’s why Republicans are talking to the White House. But if there’s damage, it’s not going to be to the Republican Party — it’s going to be to just one version of the Republican Party, the one that brought us to this crisis. As I told you even before the shutdown began, the Republican Party as a whole never gets the blame it deserves, because the mainstream press responds to every GOP failure — Watergate, the 1995 government shutdown, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Iraq War, the 2008 financial collapse — by quickly announcing the birth of a new Republican Party that utterly expunges the sins of the old.


The mainstream press always does this — always tells us that the GOP that just drove the car off the cliff two minutes ago isn’t the real GOP. When the party’s problem was seen as racism, Marco Rubio was declared to be the real GOP. When the problem is seen as “Washington,” Chris Christie is said to be the real GOP. For now, it’s [Paul] Ryan. And if the current talks break down and Ryan gets some of the blame, it’ll be someone else. The Republican Party is never at fault, because the Republican Party is endlessly malleable, in the mainstream press’s view.





  1. Throughout the past couple of weeks I’ve heard the most vile hate speech possible thrown at the Republicans from the left. Republicans are terrorists. Republicans are arsonists. Republicans are conducting a jihad. Politico said Boehner and Cruz should drown. Krugman said Republicans are threatening bodily harm, Robert Reich said Republicans are school yard bullies who terrorized the playground, Truth-out said Republicans want an oligarchy, Andrew Sullivan said Republicans are vandals and that the “elephant must go down and not come up for a very long time.”

    It is real easy to place blame when you are unwilling to examine problems within your own party. And with everyone so partisan today, it’s hard to find a logical common sense middle ground. Fortunately, people who have worked for multiple administrations and have a broad perspective do exist. One of those people is former OMB Director, Chief of Staff, CIA Director, and current Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. And his words carry real weight. Here are his insights about the President and failures of the Democratic party.

    “You can’t, just because you’ve engaged in some set of negotiations and they haven’t gone anywhere, for one reason or another there’s been a breakdown, [that] is no reason to walk away from the table,” Panetta said. “If the president, for whatever reason, feels he can’t do it because the Republicans don’t want to confront him, then he ought to be willing to delegate that responsibility to someone who can do it.”

    • Neftali, Under Clinton and now under Obama, it was a Republican house majority that shut down the government. The right deserves every vile name possible thrown at them.

      • Republicans did not shut down the government.

        The House has one spending bill.

        The Senate has a different spending bill.

        Both sides are talking now, but originally the Senate refused to negotiate between the two bills.

        The Senate Democrats shut down the government.

        • Jim Crowley

          You Republicans are the most gullible lemmings on the face of the earth. Where did you get the idea that the Democrats are in any way shape or form responsible for the shutdown ? Right wing radio, FOX/ the regular corporate media ?

          Obamacare is the law, it was debated , passed in both houses & signed into law by President Obama. Should you want changes made in the law you need to put thru & pass amendments etc. You don’t change laws by holding the government functioning hostage. There is no deal to be made, the President cannot set new precedents wherein any time someone in Congress wants to change a law they can do whatever they like outside of the established legislative process. Is that so difficult to comprehend ?

          • Fact are Facts, Jim.

            During the preceding days of the shutdown and during the first week, Democrats openly refused to negotiate. They refused to come to the table. Democrats shut the government down. When you walk away, you are at fault.

            And when you are debating funding for the next fiscal year, that is the perfect time to debate taxation. In this case, the Individual Mandate Tax is not needed because there is already $500 billion in new revenue in PPACA. The Democrats clearly are at fault here.

  2. This is what you snotty childish brats on the right need.


    • Cute. I will slightly revise my previous statement. I have zero doubt Democrats originally caused the shutdown because of their stance to refuse to come to the negotiating table. However, Republicans are at fault for keeping it shutdown for not allowing a clean CR vote in the House.

      The Senate should still vote to pass the CR that funds PPACA with a one year delay in the Individual Mandate Tax.

      • Jim Crowley

        No once again you are being naive. The Obama administration is not about to give up an important mechanism for funding the ACA. The democrats have been requesting Republicans send their reps top a negotiating committee designed as usuaL to hammer out a final spending bill. Well over 20 times the Boner has refused to appoint anyone to this committee. Only now that Republicans feel the heat from the polls are they offering to do what THEY not the DEms would not do until now. MEET & negotiate a final budget. None of this can happen however until Republicans do their job & open the government plus raise the debt ceiling.

        When the Committee does finally negotiate a new budget several compromises have already been made by the Dems. They had already agreed to fund at lower levels the Republicans favored allowing sequestration to go forward. They did this in spite of the fact that every economist worth his salt bass clearly stated that sequestration is the absolute worst policy to follow in a weak economy.

  3. I won’t be surprised if/when the republicans allow the country to go into default, just so they can force Obama to create an Executive Order to fund the government, thus giving the republicans another weapon to wield against their sworn enemies, the Democrats. If default is the direction they choose, they will launch impeachment proceedings as soon as they can, thus employing one of Rahm Emanuel’s famous quotes, never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Of course, it will be a crisis the Republicans deliberately manufactured for the sole purpose of crippling Obama’s presidency in any way they can. Mitch McConnell let us know that was the goal early on. It doesn’t matter how many times Obama kisses their collective ass, it’s not enough for them.

    Thank Newt Gingrich for bringing this level of incivility to the halls of congress, for it was him who started this, by penalizing any republican who dared cross the isle and be personable to a democrat.

    • The same Newt Gingrich who filmed a commercial with Pelosi about global warming? (who later said he regretted that commercial, which is sad. He should have stuck to his guns and said he was proud of it and tell Republicans to quit thinking science is a liberal conspiracy.)

      Anyway, Newt is not a far right freakazoid that won’t cross the isle. You are very wrong there.

      Further, it is highly questionable whether Obama can by executive order re-open the government. Of course, lately he does all kinds of things without approval from Congress with complete disregard to the Constitution.

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