The mainstream media are always ready to absolve the Republican Party of its misdeeds


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog NAILS IT:

The conventional narrative right now is that the government shutdown and debt brinkmanship are doing tremendous damage to the GOP, as seen in that new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, and that’s why Republicans are talking to the White House. But if there’s damage, it’s not going to be to the Republican Party — it’s going to be to just one version of the Republican Party, the one that brought us to this crisis. As I told you even before the shutdown began, the Republican Party as a whole never gets the blame it deserves, because the mainstream press responds to every GOP failure — Watergate, the 1995 government shutdown, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Iraq War, the 2008 financial collapse — by quickly announcing the birth of a new Republican Party that utterly expunges the sins of the old.


The mainstream press always does this — always tells us that the GOP that just drove the car off the cliff two minutes ago isn’t the real GOP. When the party’s problem was seen as racism, Marco Rubio was declared to be the real GOP. When the problem is seen as “Washington,” Chris Christie is said to be the real GOP. For now, it’s [Paul] Ryan. And if the current talks break down and Ryan gets some of the blame, it’ll be someone else. The Republican Party is never at fault, because the Republican Party is endlessly malleable, in the mainstream press’s view.




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