Fifty weeks of trying to reverse last year’s election have failed: The black guy still won!


At this time last year, with only a few weeks remaining before the 2012 presidential election, countless Republicans were telling themselves that the polls were all wrong. They were sure that Barack Obama could not win a second term in the White House. They told themselves that the election of 2008 had been a fluke, an aberration arising from the near-collapse of the financial markets near the end of George W. Bush’s presidency.

This year would be different, they thought. Times had changed, they assured themselves. The Tea Party movement had arisen, carrying Republicans to new heights of power and control in the U.S. House. America would now revert to its basically conservative impulses, they figured.

Even on the weekend before the election — hell, even on election night — reputable Republican pundits were telling anyone who would listen that Obama would be turned out of office, perhaps by a landslide margin. Karl Rove was on Fox News Channel declaring that as soon as all the votes in Ohio were counted, the presidency would be safely returned to Republican hands.

When that didn’t happen, a numb sense of disbelief took hold in some quarters. Right-wing conspiratorialists suggested that the election had been stolen by hordes of swarthy minorities in the big cities. Vows were made that Obama would be still be hounded from office by God-fearing patriots in the “real” America. The focus would now be trained on that damnable experiment in socialism known as Obamacare.

Thus began the quixotic campaign by certain congressional Republicans to repeal Obamacare under the threat of bringing down the whole government. It was a rule-or-ruin strategy, and it would have, it was thought, the added advantage of exposing the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) for the traitors they are.

And now the day has arrived for the patriots to stand their ground in the face of cowardice and accommodation all around them.

How will it all turn out? Well, there’s only one certainty: The foreign-born, Muslim-loving, terrorist sympathizer Barack Obama will still be president. Oh, and his health-care-reform initiative will still be the law of the land.

The ultimate irony is that this outcome was eminently predictable, no matter the foolish dreams of the self-styled super-patriots.








  1. Joshua Dixon

    You’re right — hurling false accusations of racism *is* a lot easier than trying to defend this administration’s many failed domestic and foreign policy programs. As for Republicans trying to end Obamacare, it’s collapsing on its own from its own disastrous design flaws and flawed assumptions about economics and human nature. The Obama administration itself has already delayed or quietly eliminated some of the regulations Republicans have objected to the most. But keep up those false accusations. They’re easier to deal with than doing research or math, aren’t they?

  2. shawnnews

    A lot of liberals seem to believe conservatives attack Obama because he is black. In fact they attack him because he’s a Democrat. Clinton had a rougher ride than Obama. Their strategy was to accuse the president of crimes although his administration and go on a fishing expedition until they found out his careless sexual exploits, put him under oath where he ‘d probably lie and then lead an impeachment hearing.
    All they’re doing now is trying to block and nullify Obama’s policies.
    The racial element is there when they accuse Obama of being more loyal to Muslims — the people they want a war with — than to Americans. But for the last 20 years the Republican Party has thought it to be acceptable to deal with the Democrats as if they were internal enemies and that the Republicans were the real Americans. They’re going to have to start changing that way of thinking to live in the real world.

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