Fox News commentator says Obama might order military attacks on Christians


THIS GUY fits right into the Fox News meme of nutsy paranoia:

On a radio commentary this week, Fox News commentator Todd Starnes [above] warned that the US military may come after Christians, pointing to a training session in Mississippi that included the American Family Association on a list of hate groups.

Besides the patently absurd claim that the American Family Association is a “well-respected ministry” — you know, the one that thinks black people “rut like rabbits,” gays caused the Holocaust and God wanted the Native Americans slaughtered — Starnes falsely claimed that the military “labeled evangelical Christians and Catholics as extremists.”

Starnes went on to suggest that President Obama may be training the military for a potential attack on Christians in America.



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  1. Steverino

    Just makes you want to sing “Onward Christian soldier….

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