Three Fox News horror stories about Obamacare turn out not to be so horrible


Steve Benen TAKES A LOOK AT several tall tales Fox News has been peddling about the Affordable Care Act:

First was a North Carolina couple that said the health care law is hurting their construction business, forcing them to keep their employees at part-time status. As it turns out, what they said on the air was simply made up.
Then there was a woman who was paying over $13,000 a year in premiums, who was recently told by her insurer that her plan was being terminated. This was proof, she told Hannity, that when Obama said consumers could keep their plans if they wanted, it wasn’t true. What she neglected to mention on the air is that, thanks to the law she opposes, she can sign up for coverage through an exchange and save several thousand dollars a year for better insurance.
Finally, there was a Tennessee couple who said they’re facing a rate increase of 50% to 75%. Asked if they’d shopped around in the new marketplace, the couple said they refuse, which is a shame – when Stern checked for them, he found a plan for them that would cut their health care costs by 63%.
So what are we left with? Three Fox News horror stories that really aren’t that horrible after all.
UPDATE: There’s a more detailed account of all this HERE.



  1. Propaganda: MSNBC graphic falsely claims ‘GOP flubs Obamacare launch

  2. CarolF964

    We should all keep in mind that a good deal of the Fox programming isn’t actually news, but rather political opinions of the host. Fox doesn’t seem to feel any ethical responsibility for those hosts being honest instead of being misleading.
    Listeners should all beware and take the time to check the facts they see on Hannity and the others if they are expecting more than just entertainment for an hours worth of their time.
    You can be misinformed by being lazy and relying on the talking heads on radio, TV, or standing on a wooden box in your local park.
    Wilson is pointing out Fox isn’t the only station who uses ratings to get a share of the ratings to make a buck.
    Let’s all be wise and take our time before we believe the outrageous things that make no sense either side tries to palm off on us.

  3. I wonder how many people know that the FOX News Network went as far as going to court to win the right to lie. Although the case wasn’t won around a supposed “right to lie”, it was argued about wrongful termination. It was about 2 reporters who would not knowingly promote false information that Fox News wanted them to.

    The Supreme Court of Florida ultimately ruled in favor of Fox News, basically saying that its not against the law to lie on a news program and that Fox had a right to fire the employees who would not lie for them.

    What irks me more is the amount of businesses that have Fox News on their TVs, in the waiting rooms they provide.

    There’s a reason why so much of the rural areas are the red areas of our country. It’s because they can only get Fox News and Network programming through the satellite TV services that are only available in the rural areas. Fox has contracted with the satellite services to be the only news source that can be broadcast in rural USA. Fox knew this was going to be their base for the Republican party and that shows when you look at maps of the USA showing where the red areas are. Ignorant people like having their prejudices and fears pandered to and that’s what Fox does best. No amount of facts will sway the fools that consume their product.

    Let’s not forget Bill Clinton’s role in allowing this happen although I don’t believe he realized how the supposed modernization of the telecommunications act would be abused, but he should have. Clinton’s also responsible for signing legislation that allowed the banks to do the fraud that caused the Great Recession along with his buds Robert Rubin and Larry Sommers, all supposed democrats. But I digress.

    This is why I say when it comes to business, there’s no real difference in the parties. They both suck up to the tit of corporate donations. Obama has even admitted to this. He’s good at throwing the truth out there but not so good in turning things around. He probably thinks back to the Kennedy years and doesn’t want that fate. Hillary will be no different in terms of sucking up to business.


  4. thehereandnow1

    I must say I was actually surprised that during yesterday’s infomercial…I mean speech that Obama didn’t blame Bush for the problems. But yea tho verily, when a commoner began to fall ill, Saint Barrack the Blameless stepped in and saved her. Obama be praised!!! The only thing that was missing was Obama saying that if we called and enrolled right now we could get the salad shooter and miracle closet organizer as a bonus (just pay addition postage and handling).

    But seriously, if this thing was any good you know he’d be spouting the numbers. Yet he says nothing, and his head cheerleader on this Sebelius doesn’t know either? B.S., they know how bad it is, yet they just keep shoveling the crap, knowing their puppets will back them up.

    Think about this: If the iPod had a debut as good as Obamacare we’d still all be using Walkmans.

  5. Possum boy: The subject of this post is the lies about Obamacare peddled by Fox News.

    Why don’t you address that issue and spare us your predictable drivel?

  6. than1, I’m still waiting for that free pony ride and balloon I heard the democrats were giving out, if you vote for them.

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