Despite its glitches, Obamacare is far more popular than congressional Republicans


No matter how you slice it, Americans are much more supportive of the Affordable Care Act than they are of the Republicans in Congress who are so foolishly obsessed with repealing or obstructing the measure.

Indeed, a majority of Americans either support Obamacare or say it isn’t liberal enough.

Consider THESE FINDINGS in the latest CNN poll:

According to the survey, 54% say it’s a bad thing that the GOP controls the House, up 11 points from last December, soon after the 2012 elections when the Republicans kept control of the chamber. Only 38% say it’s a good thing the GOP controls the House, a 13-point dive from the end of last year…

According to the survey, 44% also say they have more confidence in Obama rather than the GOP in Congress to deal with the major issues facing the country today, a 5-point drop from last year; 31% say they have more confidence in congressional Republicans…

According to the poll, just more than four in 10 say they favor the law [Obamacare], with 56% opposed to it.

But of those opposed, 38% say they are against the law because they think it’s too liberal and 12% say it’s not liberal enough. That means that 53% either support Obamacare, or say it’s not liberal enough.

The health care numbers are little changed from late last month, just before the start of the shutdown.



  1. I do find it highly ironic that one of the main features of the ACA was to require hospitals and physicians offices to install an electronic medical record and be able to consistently and repeatedly demonstrate “meaningful use”.

    This is an incredibly complex technical undertaking that is costing physicians offices hundreds of thousands of dollars and hospitals tens of millions of dollars. Providers were required to demonstrate this meaningful use within 1 years.

    Our incredibly competent federal government has had several years to develop the most visible part of its contribution to the ACA. That is, easy and reliable access to the exchanges that would allow those who need to purchase insurance the ability to do so. They have failed miserably. Not only does the system not work, they knew it wasn’t going to work and rolled it out anyway.

    If it wasn’t so serious a screw up it would be funny.

  2. thehereandnow1

    Give it a little time and re-slice it Pat. The past 3 weeks have been a disaster, and this is just the sign up part. Just wait til you get into the actual guts of this disaster. Those who don’t have time to sit by the phone and wait for a CNN pollster to call will tell you it ain’t lookin good.

    A simple test to prove how bad this thing is. If it was going good Barrack the Blameless would be out campaigning, bragging about how many people have signed up, taking the credit. Yet, surprise surprise he’s not accepting any responsibility, he doesn’t know how many people have signed up (it’s not important when it’s bad), and the whole mess is the responsibility of another department. If Amazon put out a storefront that was as terrible as this and the CEO went out and tried to blame it on eBay people would laugh him off the stage and he’d be out of a job. Yet B-to-the-O can stand up and say, “It’s not my fault, the Republicans are to blame” and mindless drones believe him.

  3. I bet the criminals really like it
    “(BREAKING) Identity Theft Russian Roulette: Healthcare.gov Refers Users to Uncertified Navigators and Assisters
    Inexplicable. Obamacare reps confirm to me: it’s “buyer beware” when contacting their recommended application helpers.”

    See below for a screen shot of this service in action — I entered “Illinois”, and I then received 558 search results consisting of Illinois’ navigator/assister/counselor contact information:
    Along with the results, LocalHelp.Healthcare.gov will always also return the “Important notes” text box visible above. Note the second sentence:

Application Assisters listed on this page may still be completing federal and state certification requirements.


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