A couple of bar graphs for you to ponder



If you need explanations for these graphs, you probably would feel more comfortable visiting some other political blog.



  1. thehereandnow1

    Pat, you need to refresh your data. Obamacare has been a disaster. Even people who often so blindly follow the Blameless One (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) are now having doubts about this thing. Yeah, how many people have signed up? I believe the last count is 50 in Wisconsin, though we don’t know for sure because the administration doesn’t ‘know’ the numbers (because they’re not good). And then you have Carney up there spouting excuses. Obama can’t be responsible, he’s not a webmaster. Yet Obama was taking the credit for killing bin Laden and he has no formal military or spec ops training. Why don’t you just finally admit this is a disaster, and that while yes, Sen. Cruz’s attempt to de-fund it was a dumb move, the individual mandate should have been pushed back; they were nowhere near ready.

    Though this has given me inspiration for a children’s book: “Little Barry: The Engine That Couldn’t” A story about a little engine with no experience handling a lot of cars who tries to take a line up a mountain. His catch phrase will be “I think I can, I think I can….It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault.”

  2. Possum Breath: None of the stuff in your rant shows a need for me to “refresh” the data in either of the bar graphs in this post.

    Obamacare and Obama himself remain far more popular than your wingnut Republican heroes. That’s a simple fact of the matter, and you have nothing to refute it.

    Oh, and your remark about Obama and bin Laden is just irrelevant nonsense.

  3. thehereandnow1

    Pat Breath: Yes, in fact you do need to refresh your data. You are spouting old graphs, conducted within the sanitized realm of political opinion gathering. I base my comments off of FACT. The FACT that those states the are reporting numbers are reporting in the TENS. The FACT that at its current rate the website will sign up significantly fewer people than they hoped, putting its end of sign up projection in serious jeopardy. The FACT that Consumer Reports is encouraging people to stay away from the site for now. The FACT that insurance companies are DROPPING customers. The FACT that businesses are dropping parts of their insurance coverage plans. The FACT that I have heard first hand from HR and insurance reps who say this thing is trouble in its current state and advise people to hold off signing up. I have the REAL WORLD FACTS, you have a picture with pretty colors.

    As to my Obama and bin Laden reference, it is very much relevant. Obama makes it a point to take full credit for anything whenever it’s good. Yet something bad comes up and he doesn’t have data, wasn’t aware of it, barely had a thing to do with it. That is why he is the Blameless One; takes credit when it’s good, refuses to accept responsibility when it is bad.

    Now, you once again incorrectly attribute to me “wingnut Republican heroes”. Little revelation here for ya P-Nasty, I’m not the greatest fan of Republicans either. Ted Cruz has some downright bat-crap crazy ideas, and he looks like a former child TV star trying too hard with the makeup to make it back in Hollywood. And while Sean Hannity has good thoughts from time to time he has a somewhat obsessive feeling towards Ronald Reagan; so much so that it should be feared if he was alone in a closet with a picture of the Gipper. There are kook fringes to both parties, the two I mentioned for the right, and people like Reid, FL Rep Grayson, and you for the left. The way things are with government today, neither the Republicans or Democrats are really doing good…it’s just the Dems are WAY worse.

  4. Hereandnow: Several things:

    1. Again, none of that crap you’re spewing here has anything to do with the graphs above.

    2. The data reflected in those graphs are from this week.

    3. Your capitalizations of certain words runs afoul of our rules here. We call that shouting, and we don’t allow it. So don’t let it happen again.

    4. I seem to have forgotten that arguing with you quickly becomes boring. So feel free to prattle away without any great likelihood that I’ll respond.

  5. thehereandnow1

    Oooops, real world coming out again Pat:


    The capitalization was not for shouting. Since this site does not allow for bold or italics, one is left with few options to convey emphasis. Side note, people use to computers in the age of the mainframe and AS/400 must be screwed in your world, seeing as they could only type in caps.

    As to #4, standard tactic. Instead of doing something like admitting to the facts, you choose to ignore. That’s ok, I know I’ve bested you in this. The facts are on my side. As days go by more and more people are realizing that this thing is a disaster, and that maybe a delay would have been best. But you’re still carrying the water. Do the environment a favor, when you’re the last one in the room that used to be filled with Obama supporters, turn the lights out before you leave. Oh wait, I forgot, you wouldn’t be able to tell because you have your blinders on. Sorry.

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