Tea Party supporters wrongly believe that most Americans share their views


From a nationwide poll of adults conducted on behalf of CBS News by Social Science Research Solutions, we get THIS:

Tea party adherents were front-and-center during the shutdown, and views of the movement have become more negative. Just 14 percent of Americans now hold a favorable view of the tea party, down from 18 percent as the government shutdown began, and unfavorable views are up 7 points…

Sixty percent of Americans don’t think the Tea Party reflects the views of most Americans, but the movement’s backers don’t feel they hold a minority view — in fact, the opposite: As with many groups, tea party supporters think their own views are held by most Americans.



  1. This is the opposite of the ObamaCare vs, specific stuff in ObamaCare poll. In that poll, there was a significant percentage of people that said they were against ObamaCare, but when questioned about some of the specifics, their opinions changed.

    The point is that the liberal media has done a great job of concentrating of every negative aspect of the tea party instead of their actual message. A dollar and a donut says that if you had a poll if they supported a balanced budget, lower taxes, and limited government, the results would be considerably higher,

    • Until you tell them that a balanced budget and lower taxes means that their social security checks will be cut, pay more out of pocket for their medicare, cancel billions in weapons programs that cost jobs in their states. I am firmly convinced they will be opposed to those things.

  2. Steverino

    Hopefully the tea party will learn that hate and bigotry is not a popular means to change government.

  3. Steverino’s comment is a perfect example of how the liberal media affects the weak minded.

  4. Neftali: And your comments are perfect examples of how some fanatics over-generalize their actual message in an attempt to manipulate those they consider “weak minded” (which is everyone else but them) in order to claim support for their movement.

    Nobody’s buying the nonsense anymore. Move on.

  5. Of course many people agree with pursuing a balanced budget, smaller govt payrolls, lower taxes, efficient use of welfare and corporate subsidy dollars and the right to privacy as it relates to the recent NSA revelations. Its the style of the TP’rs and the people pulling their strings that many disagree with. Many people don’t realize that religious conservatives like Jim Demint, are a big behind the scenes player in the TP movement. Same goes for guys like Dick Armey.

    The TP isn’t going away. In fact they are going to become even more emboldened in the future. These are crash and burn type people. They will destroy the country in the very name of saving it from their view of the liberal agenda. They believe they are doing God’s work. Senator Cruz is also part of the religion based movement in the republican party. His father is a preacher. Cruz was brought up in that far right interpretation of the gospel. He doesn’t breathe fire like some, but it will be there when he needs to energize his base.

    There’s a reason they are called the American Taliban by a popular tv show. Because they are no different than their counterparts in the ME. If given the full reigns of the government, they’ll employ many of the same punishments that we see meted out in the ME. They are no different. They’ve just toned down their image to gain a more midstream audience.

    I strongly suspect they will launch a 3rd party spoiler in the 2016 presidential elections, that might be more successful than many think possible. They are well funded and by outside of the mainstream money bags that traditionally fund republican candidates. The TP’s disdain for even their own party members who don’t believe as they do is fast becoming the beginnings of a relevant 3rd party option. Jim Demint and the Heritage Foundation is a big part of that effort. Interesting fact about the HF is, that organization was behind the initial proposals brought forth in the 90s, that eventually became Obamacare and Romneycare.

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