Jon Stewart exposes hypocrisy of Wall Street stooges at CNBC and Fox Business


Once again, political satirist Jon Stewart and his staff of writers and researchers have put the so-called serious media to shame on a major news story.

In this case, Stewart & Co. devastatingly mock the pseudo-experts at CNBC and Fox Business Network for their whining about the fine imposed on JPMorgan Chase for chiseling customers by selling them dubious investments based on shaky mortgages.

(Take special note of how Stewart mocks the insufferably smug Maria Bartiromo and the wildly hypocritical Jim Cramer of CNBC.



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  1. theherandnow1

    p-nasty, i’m surprised at you. i would’ve thought that you would shun jon stewart after his brutal ripping of sebelius and the problems with the obamacare website. gee, first you’re posting an article about a nun (by her profession someone who’d side with creation over evolution), and now praising someone who recently criticized something relating to your blessed hero of whom you follow blindly?

    please note also that in light of your earlier reply to me in another post where you tell of your hatred and fear of all things capitalized i have decided to break some grammatical rules and refrain from any capitalization in this remark. you’re world is spinning rap-master p, don’t want to upset you any more. you’re welcome.

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