Murdoch paper pretends that Obama is trying to sissify Marine Corps with new hats


The New York Post, perhaps the cheesiest of foreign-born Rupert Murdoch’s American news enterprises, is out with a story claiming that the evil Barack Obama is scheming to emasculate the Marine Corps with new-style hats.

(Before you read THIS SNARKY TAKE on the Post’s story, see if you can identify the supposedly offending hat from among those pictured above).




  1. thehereandnow1

    I don’t know about ‘sissifying’ but the ones on the right look awfully French, and do we want our brave troops looking like a bunch of cheese eating surrender-monkeys?

  2. So, here and now, you’re saying that firemen who wear the exact same type of head cover, look like a “bunch of cheese eating surrender-monkeys?” Tsk, tsk.

    Why don’t you tell us what type of head cover you wore while you were serving your country.

    If you did serve, did you wear a service hat? If you did, you know what they called that. It starts with a ‘c’. Probably fit you very well.

  3. Francophobia is one of the silliest forms of wingnuttery, and it perfectly suits the commenter who calls himself thehereandnow1. Of course, he’s probably never been to France, and probably couldn’t find it on a map. But, like so many of his fellow pseudo-patriots, he sees all things French as a threat to his already loose grip on his masculinity.

  4. thehereandnow1

    Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha-Ha-ha, to both tex and Pat (Mr. Cunningham if your nasty). To answer your question tex, it’s called a cover, and most marines I’ve heard from don’t want to have anything to do with the proposed cover, so I guess I’m on the right (correct) side of things.

    And oh, oh, poor P-Nasty, Grandmaster P, with his wingnut classification again. So, one must have been to France before in order to speak of things French? When has experience ever mattered, just look at our president. I haven’t chopped my arm off with a meat cleaver but I’m smart enough to know not to do it. And sorry to disappoint P-diddy, but I’m well aware of where France is on a map, as well as some of it’s history.

    And let me see, if I were to say something along the lines of you having a loose grip on your masculinity you would probably blow an already well aged gasket. I mean you nearly lost your cool when I capitalized a few words. But I’ll give you a break. Your hero’s a failure. The new age where the world will once again love America, which he promised in his sermon in the park in 2008, never happened. Hey, how are our allies liking us now Patty? The budget which he promised to balance in his first term is now much, much, worse. And his signature item, Obamacare, is continuing on its road of failure and disappointment. It’s understandable how weak-minded people who blindly follow can turn to making remarks on one’s masculinity, criticizing their intelligence, and continuing to make characterizations false accusations; they don’t have facts to go on so they make stuff up.

    Have a nice day in La-La Land P-Train

  5. Steverino

    The French Foreign Legion is a good example of manly men.

  6. thehereandnow1

    True, however only about 24% of them are French. It was established primarily as a branch of the French army specifically for non-French men.

    And here’s an aspect that would turn Pat off, they’re sexist. They only allow men.

    Pretty good for someone who apparently doesn’t even know where France is on a map, eh P-Man?

  7. here and now: Anyone who served their country knows what the service hat was called. But thanks for playing. Better luck next time.

    • thehereandnow1

      Big deal, the ‘Dan Daly’. Tell ya what, if you were a real Marine you’d be fuming that a government that has trouble buying bullets for its troops would spend 8 million dollars on hats that are not necessary. It’s called priorities and I’d think core tools of the trade are way more important than non-combat attire that doesn’t need to be changed…or at least it would to someone who really cared about Marines

  8. Here and now, the pseudo patriot: Read this.

    In an email, Marine Corps officials said there is no truth to reports that President Obama is behind the potential change.
    “The president in no way, shape or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover,” according to the Marine Corps statement. “We are looking for a new cover for our female Marines for one overriding reason: The former manufacturer went out of business. … The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover.”

    This quote is from Stars and Stripes. If you had served you would know who they are.


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