Countering Bill O’Reilly’s nonsense is way too easy these days

Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly, who makes sense only to the gullible geezers who comprise most of his viewing audience, gets a little blowback here from Lawrence O’Donnell.





  1. Nice try, Lawrence O’Donnell is a self professed socialist,
    Who would back him in his views but other self proclaimed sicislisys

  2. You throw that term socialist around as though you’re a FOX News informed commenter. Do you even know what it means or how it looks in action?

    We have a few people in our bldg on Section 8 assistance (2 out of about 80+ units are on section 8). One of those 2 saw a picture of Obama back in 2008 and said she didn’t like him because he was a socialist. She also votes. I bet this person was one of those people who vote against their own best economic interest we hear so much about.

    I support socialist based programs like social security, disability, medicare and unemployment checks and public schools. If you don’t plan on using the benefits of any of those programs, please tell the authorities so more will be there for me and others when I retire.

  3. Mark: I’m taking it for granted that you’re unable to refute the points made by O’Donnell in correcting O’Reilly’s erroneous claims. Hence, all we get from you is wingnut rhetoric about socialism.

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