Wingnuts argue that woman’s fainting spell at Obama speech was faked


A pregnant woman with Type 1 diabetes fainted while standing behind President Obama at a speaking engagement the other day — and now the right-wing noise machine is peddling the theory that the incident was staged (see HERE).

But, of course, fainting spells are not all that unusual. Who among us has not witnessed at least one such incident or had such a spell ourselves? I’ve seen more than a few in my 70 years.

Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog has a GOOD RESPONSE to the claims that the incident at Obama’s speech was faked:

The principal reason that Republicans, now including Sarah Palin, have become “fainting truthers” is that they’re crazy and delusional and unhealthily obsessed with harming President Obama and all Democrats every waking moment of their lives…

Right-wingers are insane, but a minor factor in this particular mania is the notion that Obama is the only politician who ever experiences this sort of thing.

That’s not true. A woman fainted a 2003 George W. Bush speech in San Antonio. A 2011 Rick Santorum speech featured a fainting incident. Hell, there was a fainting incident at a 2007 campaign appearance by Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson!

Fainting in the presence of politicians has a long history. A woman fainted at one of Dwight Eisenhower’s inaugural balls in 1953. A woman fainted at a Teddy Roosevelt speech in 1912. A Thomas Dewey campaign appearance in 1948 included a fainting incident.

You don’t have to be a charismatic Democrat to have fainting incidents at your public appearances. Yes, it happened to Bill Clinton in 1996. And in 2008. And, um, in 2010. (OK, maybe it does happen more often to charismatic Democrats.) But it also happened at a Walter Mondale rally in 1984. Walter Mondale!


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