Obama’s approval rating declines, but it’s 20 points higher than Republican Party’s


A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released this morning includes unsettling news for President Obama and even worse news for Republicans.

On the whole, the survey SHOWS a growing disdain for Washington politicians of all stripes:

On this Halloween, it’s only appropriate to point out that ALL Washington politicians have been cursed by the American public after the government shutdown and after the latest sparring over the health-care law and its website troubles. According to our new NBC/WSJ poll, just 42% approve of President Obama’s job performance (his all-time low in the poll), and 51% disapprove of his job (tied for his all-time high). What’s more, for the first time in the survey, Obama’s fav/unfav rating is upside-down, with 41% viewing him a favorable light and 45% viewing him negatively. But it’s not just the president. The public’s view of the Republican Party has reached another all-time low in the survey, with now just 22% seeing the GOP in a positive light and 53% viewing it negatively; House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell remain unpopular at record levels; 63% of voters want to replace their own member of Congress (which is the highest percentage ever recorded on this question that dates back to 1992); only 22% think the nation is headed in the right direction; and half of respondents (50%) think it’s likely there will be another government shutdown. If either party is trying to comfort themselves in the others’ woes, then they are completely misreading the message from the public…

Here’s another way to look at our last two NBC/WSJ polls taken during and after the government shutdown — all the highs and lows in these two surveys. The country on the wrong track (78%) tied for its high; Obama’s approval rating (42%) reached its low; the GOP’s fav/unfav also reached new lows (24%-53% in early October; 22%-53% in late October); House Speaker John Boehner saw his highest negative rating (43%); so did Harry Reid (34%) and Mitch McConnell (28%). Bottom line: The events over the past month (the shutdown and the poor health-care rollout) have angered the American public. They’ve been in an anti-Washington mood for some time. But folks, we’re now at historic levels. And this raises the question: What is it going to take for the politicians in Washington to get the message? Republicans might be rejoicing in Obama reaching new lows in our new NBC/WSJ poll. But this finding should SCARE THE HECK out of them on this Halloween: Asked to pick their choice for a member of Congress — among a Democrat, Republican, or third-party candidate — the Democrat comes out on top with 35%, the third-party candidate comes in second at 30%, and the GOP candidate comes in third at 28%. And ready for this: For the second-straight survey, a majority of adults told us they do not identify with EITHER major party. If you want to know why it’s foolhardy to weight by party ID, it’s for findings like this. The public is uncomfortable being identified with either party — with the GOP losing folks a lot faster than Dems.



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