Lesser-educated folks and Republicans more likely to doubt global warming


The results of a new survey by the Pew Research Center on the issue of human-caused global warming reveal several fascinating patterns.

Americans with college degrees are far more likely than those with less education  to say there is solid scientific evidence of global warming. But this education pattern gets a bit skewed when political partisanship is added to the equation.

For example, a whopping 87 percent of Democrats with college degrees agree with mainstream scientific theories on global warming, but the figure drops to 57 percent among Democrats with less education. And here’s the stunner: Only 28 percent of Republicans with college degrees say  that human activity is mostly responsible for global warming. That’s not much more than the 23 percent of less-educated Republicans who agree.

Tea Party Republicans are the most skeptical about climate change. Forty-one percent of them say that global warming is simply not happening at all.  Another 19 percent concede that warming exists but is due to natural causes, not human activity.

Another interesting pattern arises from responses to questions about scientific consensus on climate-change issues. Most Americans — including 71 percent of Democrats — correctly say that scientists generally are in agreement on human-caused global warming. But 48 percent of Republicans say the scientific community is divided on the issue.

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  1. shawnnews

    See if they also believe:
    Austrian School of Economics
    Makers & Takers mentality; which appeals to both vanity “We work more than others” and victimhood “Big government is trying to confiscate our wealth and give it to freeloaders.”
    6,000 year old world
    US is founded on Christianity — which happens to be their supposed religion
    The newest Democrat is just the worst president ever and is trying to destroy the country.
    Same old crap.
    Any issue of merit like the fact that fetuses are certainly potential humans – no religion needed – gets lost in the mire.

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