Report: LAX gunman a right-wing conspiracy theorist


There’s also an indication that this guy was suicidal.

The story is HERE:

The man who allegedly killed a TSA worker and wounded three others at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday had anti-government literature in his possession outlining an alleged conspiracy to create a single global government, law enforcement sources tell NBC News.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the material recovered from Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, after the shootout at LAX appeared to have been prepared by a group called “New World Order.” One source said it also expressed animus toward racial minorities.

There is no record of a radical group by that name and the term “New World Order” is often used by conspiracy-minded groups and individuals to describe an alleged secret plot to establish an autonomous world government that would replace sovereign nations and put an end to international power struggles.

According to Conspiracy Wiki, an Internet site devoted to conspiracy theories, the doctrine was primarily limited to militant anti–government and radical fundamentalist Christian groups until the early 1990s, but has since been embraced by some left-wing groups.

Very little was known about Cianci, who had lived in the Philadelphia area before moving to California.

His brother told police in New Jersey he had received a text message from the suspect Friday morning saying he was thinking about taking his life.



  1. thehereandnow1

    The very phrase in your story “but has since been embraced by some left-wing groups” disproves your headline right there. Yet you’re still gonna keep peddling that he was a right-winger. The story continues, saying “Very little was known about Cianci…”, yet because of the term “New World Order” you have instantly pegged him as a right winger. Really reaching there pal.

    You’ve been wrong on Obamacare and you’re wrong on this. Do yourself a favor P-Diddy, stick to teens turning away from Facebook and women drivers in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Here come the thought police. The theme of this article should be frightening to anybody who dare not think the way the officially sanctioned way the government believes you should. Isn’t this something out of 1984, again?

    I don’t know what this guy believed and I’m not claiming to believe as he did, but this investigation into his views can only lead to making anybody who doesn’t accept the officially sanctioned story line suspect of being anti-government or whatever legal term the authorities want to use to inhibit dissent.

    Anybody who is a political junkie, as most on this blog and others like it are and there are millions of us, should be concerned about the content of article and what it may be legitimizing in the name of once again, national security.

    I don’t praise to know anything about this one world government conspiracy, but it should be fairly obvious with all the NSA oversight and cams going up around our country, that we are becoming the very police state that was predicted by George Orwell.

    With this kind of thinking that this article is suggesting, anybody who expresses views not held or sanctioned by those making the laws and enforcing them or believing the story line we’re suppose to swallow hook line and sinker, is soon going to be on a list of potential threats to the nation.

    Just remember, the next people we elect to official offices may not be as open minded about dissent and may use (hell, they will use) all the date collected by the NSA and blogs like this and even FB and all the other social network sites, to determine who might be a threat.

    I don’t think any of us here are threats, but that doesn’t mean some tyrant who masks his identity as a benevolent leader to get elected, may not see things differently in the future.


  3. C.J. Williams

    The ads that you have sliding or onthe side make it impossible to read the article in my phone. I can barely make this comment. I won’t be back.

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