Author of laughably bad Jefferson biography eyes seat in U.S. Senate


Of all the political crackpots on the Religious Right, David Barton (above) is in a class by himself.

Who else has earned the distinction of having written the Least Credible History Book in Print? (See HERE.)

What other Christian conservative has seen his writings roundly criticized by no less than 10 conservative Christian professors? (See HERE.)

How bad must a book be for its publisher, a conservative outfit at that, to withdraw it from store shelves as an embarrassment? (See HERE.)

Yeah, David Barton is a special kind of right-winger — so wacky that he’s thinking of challenging incumbent U.S. Sen. John Cornyn in a Republican primary next year in Texas.

The story — and a list of Barton’s crazier views — are HERE.





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  1. So did you object to the newly elected governor of virginia when he made millions of dollars on investments in Global Crossings, before it went bankrupt and destroyed the lives of thousands of people?


    I guess its only worth a cut and past comment when one of the other sides guys does something you don’t like.

    Partisan Hack

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