Republican candidate loses election? Quick! Somebody blame the polls!


In a post HERE just yesterday, I celebrated the first anniversary of a presidential election that embarrassed various conservative commentators who had boldly predicted that the polls were all wrong about which candidate was likely to win.

Republicans can get pretty weird about the subject of polls — perhaps mainly because good polls are scientific enterprises, and GOPers are suspicious of all science. (Global-warming science? It’s a hoax perpetrated by manic tree-huggers. Evolution science? It’s a godless scheme that flies in the face of scriptural wisdom.)

In the wake of Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, Chris LaCivita,  an operative for unsuccessful Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli says his guy’s loss to Democrat Terry McAuliffe is attributable to biased polls that suppressed voter turnout among conservatives.

Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog has a SNARKY RESPONSE to such nonsense:

Yeah, right — public polling is a Democratic suppression tool. Those polls in New Jersey showing Chris Christie leading by as much as 43 points over his Democratic opponent? Big liberal plot.

And in your race, Chris, do you recall which poll gave McAuliffe the biggest lead, 17 points? It was a Rasmussen poll. Rasmussen is one of yours, not one of ours.

And you know who else was in on the liberal plot, Chris? Your own campaign:

Republican internals also had Cuccinelli down much further than Democratic internals.

At the end of September, even before the shutdown started, Cuccinelli trailed in the high single digits in his own survey. A poll for the Republican Governors Association conducted in the middle of October, just before the shutdown ended, had Cuccinelli down 10.

The Cuccinelli campaign didn’t like the numbers, so they ran their own poll around Oct. 18 — after the shutdown ended — and discovered that Cuccinelli was down 8 points among those most likely to vote. Worse, he was only winning whites by 3 points and had locked down just 57 percent of soft Republicans.


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