Exposed: The dirty little secret about Obamacare

Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC tells the truth about the individual mandate in Obamacare.

In the final analysis, the mandate isn’t really much of a mandate after all.




  1. While Larry is waxing about how the “tea party” who is scaring people about the individual mandate, what I remember is Republicans warning that without an effective mandate the ACA will fail. You can’t wave exclusions for pre-existing conditions and have no mandate.

    No mandate=Failure of the ACA.

    As predicted.

    As desired by the Democrats.

  2. doc says: “As predicted.”

    Typical loser statement. “See, I told you so!”

    Losers always hope others fail. Makes them feel their own life isn’t so bad, after all.

    In fact, that is the Republican modus operandi.

  3. Hi Tex!

    Still so bitter?

    I just read that the President has decided to “fix” the current fiasco (generated by his lies) by offering to extend cancelled insurance plans for 1 year. Who knew he had such power?

    Just because I predicted the ACA would fail doesn’t make me happy (or even smart). Believe me when I tell you, I am far from happy that the ACA is failing.

    Real patients,my patients, are being negatively impacted and it sucks.

    People are losing insurance, paying ever more for insurance which contains benefits they don’t need or want and losing access to services. Health care workers are losing their jobs and before you know it some hospitals will shut their doors.

    The recent few weeks are only a minor tremor prior the major earthquake we are going to live through.

  4. Seems to me that doc has always been the bitter one on this blog.

    Then doc said: “Health care workers are losing their jobs”

    Yeah, right, doc. That’s probably why health care workers have the best job prospects from now through 2020.

    Time to stop riding your dark hobby horse. No matter what you would like us to think, the sky is not falling. Maybe in your Republican world it is, but not for the rest of us.

  5. thehereandnow1

    Ah tex, I’d venture a guess that there are several million people who either have lost/are losing the insurance that they were perfectly fine with because of Obamacare, and/or have found out they will pay several times more in premiums and deductibles for coverage that is worse than they had, who’d disagree with your remark. Your belief that this thing is good just goes to further show how out of touch with reality you are.

  6. I haven’t seen my dark hobby horse lately Tex, did you steal it?

    I don’t live in Republican world Tex. I live in the real world.

    I am only telling you the truth. If you choose not to believe the truth that makes you just like the Commander in Chief.

    Healthcare workers really are losing jobs. By the thousands.

    You may not be able to keep your insurance if you like it.

    You may have to find a new doctor even though you like your current doctor. These are all real world truths.

  7. than1 – not quite. People won’t get less coverages under the ACA and pay more, they get more and better coverages but for more money, even if they don’t qualify for the ACA exchange based programs. The problem is I can’t afford the higher rates (even though its better coverage) if I don’t get those tax credits.

    I’ve already been told by the ACA people they need more information to continue processing my application. They claimed they mailed a letter noting what more they need, but I’ve not received any letter to date.

  8. I work in health care too and judging from the gorgeous facilities being built, the record profits by some of the “non-profits” and the strong job prospects because of aging boomers, expdoc must be working somewhere else. Obamacare ain’t the cause of private, for-profit insurance companies jacking their rates. They’ve been doing that for years ’cause they’re in the money-making business, not the health care business.

    Health care in America is a mess, for sure, but the ACA isn’t the reason. It’s a train wreck and has been for a long time. We don’t do it better than the rest of the world, we spend way too much and get less and there are too many golden geese being protecting to alter the system w/o totally blowing it up.

  9. shawnnews

    I don’t understand why people don’t want to emulate the best health systems in the world. The affordable care act is a step in that direction in that everyone gets coverage. But how about just emulating the world’s best health care systems and doing what they do?
    In fact, it shouldn’t be a radical idea to emulate and replicate the successful actions of another business or governing model. The real controversy occurs when people start realizing they will be moved off the thrones they think they occupy.

  10. Where were people like Ihearitnow when 40 million people didn’t have insurance, or were dropped because of pre-existing conditions? Or worse yet forced into bankruptcy from illness. Would they like to return to that system. Probably call themselves Christians,too.

    Doc says: “You may have to find a new doctor”

    Nothing new there.People on Medicare Advantage plans have to find a new doctor if their insurance company pulls a switch on them. Or if their doctor drops out of the plan, or if they want to change insurance providers. Which they can do every year.

    • thehereandnow1

      Here I am tex, and based on the comments of one of the architects or this ‘wonderful’ thing, you are apparently one of the stupid ones who believes this is a good thing.

      Maybe you can get treatment for whatever ails you along with ol Nancy Pelosi, who has all of the sudden forgotten the man she greatly referenced mere years ago.

      But you, Pat, and others keep believing the lie.

  11. “The dirty little secret about Obamacare”?
    More Like more Big Lies, which the lemming left swallowed wholeheartedly, so one has to assume that they are the stupid American voter Gruber refers to.

    “Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said that lack of transparency was a major part of getting Obamacare passed because “the stupidity of the American voter” would have killed the law if more people knew what was in it.

    Gruber, the MIT professor who served as a technical consultant to the Obama administration during Obamacare’s design, also made clear during a panel quietly captured on video that the individual mandate, which was only upheld by the Supreme Court because it was a tax, was not actually a tax.
    “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay, so it’s written to do that. In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in – you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed… Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass… ”

    This is the most transparent administration in history!

    • wilson, have you been personally harmed by Obamacare? If yes, please explain.

  12. wilson: It took you a whole year to write that comment, right?

  13. Robert,
    What harms the country harms me. I am also blessed to now pay $20,000.00/yr for health insurance. In addition, the end doesn’t justify the means.
    Pat, some folks knew all along the WH was lying and some folks perpetuated the lie. If it takes a year for the lies to be exposed, then yea Einstein my comment will take a year since you will ignore any real negative press on the ACA or for that matter the Democratic party.
    I think it is news worthy that a main architect of the ACA is caught on video exposing the deceit and arrogance of this administration.
    I guess for you Pat deceit and arrogance is just the norm for you and the progressives or you’d be mildly upset.

    • What were you paying before? Rates do go up every year. I’m sure you’re aware of that. You’re the first person I’ve interacted with that wasn’t better off with Obamacare rates. Do you buy your insurance through the ACA exchange, through your employer or direct with the actual insurance provider?

  14. Robert, forget about it, the real damage is to the country as a whole.
    Remember they had to pass it to know what was in it, now if that doesn’t shake your faith in government nothing will.
    I know it just needs some tweaks and it will be great at least that what they will tell you and you will believe. Cooked numbers, no transparency and lies without any accountability. I would think if this came out a week before the election we wouldn’t have seen a wave but a tsunami.

    • The ACA works for me. I don’t want to see it go away but I’m still waiting for the free pony ride and balloons I was promised if I voted for Obama.

      What’s really amazing is the lies we as a nation were told about the danger Iraq and SH posed to us. I don’t see the right demanding the end to that war based on lies, exaggerations and fudging the assessments of the dangers Iraq posed not to mention the ongoing tying of SH to 911.. that was a lie too.

      As far as the lies that O supposedly told the American people about the ACA. I think he really believed people could keep their doctor.

      There’s no damage to the country from Obamacare. But there sure is in all these billions if not trillions spent on unending wars for unending profits.

      No need to respond. Neither of us will see the others position. I know I’m right and you’re wrong. That’s all that matters.

      Next subject…

      • It is duly noted by me and most other readers that Wilson cannot, or will not, answer your questions. Perhaps he is dealing with a few “false facts” for which there are no answers.

  15. “It is duly noted by me and most other readers that Wilson cannot, or will not, answer your questions”
    Critter, you have any facts to back that up?
    So you are referring to Roberts question about if I have employer or direct?
    Now that is a cliff hanger.
    Well I have employer offered insurance, last year the rates were high and the deductibles higher, so I went and purchased it direct.
    Enrollment is this month, so I’ll be making that choice again.
    So really what difference does it make in regards to getting less for more?
    Personal harm?
    I have a family member with cancer, rate increased, now triple the deductible.
    You guys need more personal information?

    “As far as the lies that O supposedly told the American people about the ACA. I think he really believed people could keep their doctor.”
    If that were the case, then what kind of leader is he?
    Did he believe you could keep your insurance too?
    Well I keep forgetting this is the most open and transparent administration EVER!

    Robert and Jerry, I think Mr. Gruber in his 3 released videos nailed you guys. I am pretty sure MSNBC hasn’t mentioned those videos, so you’ll have to google it to see them.

  16. “Rural hospitals in critical condition

    ACA accelerates demise of rural hospitals that serve many of society’s most vulnerable.”


  17. Well my employer doesn’t offer anything in 2015 other than the minimum requirements for the ACA. Do you need more information on coverage to see how great and much improved this coverage is from previous years?

    Please explain to me how I am much better off.

    • Minimum coverage on ACA isn’t bad…But, if you want an organ transplant, you may have to pay for that yourself. I haven’t met one person other than you that isn’t better off with their coverages and cost under the ACA. Aren’t you projecting what the right is claiming without actually comparing what you had and minimum services the ACA your employer is going to offer? What are you losing? What are you gaining? I’m not an expert on the ACA but I have seen the products I could choose from. They were all better than what I had.

      I hope the repubs don’t screw up my Obamacare.

  18. “But, if you want an organ transplant, you may have to pay for that yourself.”
    Brilliant, I wonder how many folks want a transplant vs. need a transplant.
    My son had a condition this year and the bills were over 35k, the minimum coverage would have probably bankrupted us.
    Robert what is your line of work, do you qualify for subsidies?
    Does your employer subsidize your insurance?
    What exactly did the ACA do to make things better vs. what you previously had?”

    • Im self employed. No employer perks..I don’t care to discuss personal finances in a public arena. All I will say is I benefit greatly from Obamacare. I wish I could get such a break as the ACA provided but on my self employment tax liability. I pay both sides of my social security as a self employed person. That ads up.

      I don’t think you understand how Obamacare works. There are exchanges out there that offer a large number of plans all with low deductibles and great coverages. Have you actually looked at the plans on the exchanges? Based on your income, you get credits that offset the premium. You can elect to estimate your income and get an estimated credit applied toward the monthly premium full price or you can pay the full price, get the credits at the end of the year and get a refund. It’s also my understanding if your income exceeds the 50K?? (not sure the exact amount) cutoff for credits, you can still buy through the exchange and pay the full price and that premium is then deductible in full (check with your accountant and not a rightwing accountant who may deliberately not be fully informed). I’ve heard of employers giving up their coverage and telling the employees to go on Obamacare because its cheaper for the employer and better coverage for the employee. If I recall correctly, one company that did that was Trader Joe’s. Since I’ve been self employed for several decades, I don’t know the rules for employed people. I’m a sole proprietor.

      As far as transplants go, my last insurance didn’t cover that nor does my Obamacare.

      It’s my understanding the long term goal of all healthcare reform is to get the coverage out from employer based and onto the individual. That’s a corporate goal, the repubs and the dems are just there to help that direction along… Used to be a time in America when things like health and life insurance, paid vacations, disability, sick time, unemployment, retirement programs were all perks to lure the best and the brightest to competing companies. That was when the American worker was in demand and America was the leader in new product developments and the mfr’ng of those ideas. We’re not so much anymore. Unions got greedy and caused all those benefits to become so costly that large employers had to seek cheaper labor cost and Bill Clinton helped them along with NAFTA and CAFTA and new trade rules with China and other Asian nations. Rockford is a prime example of offshored labor losses… Unions caused all companies to become competitive, not just union shops. Now the only jobs in America with union protections to any extent are government jobs, but soon with the privatization of all government agencies happening as we speak, even those jobs will be outsourced which will present new business opportunities to the new creative types. The post office is another example of how outsourcing will happen as mail routes begin to be contracted out to private companies and individuals sort of like happened when Ma Bell was broke up and the employee’s because resellers of services such as long distance coverage. But I digress, because its all connected. The bigger picture is great for business and harsh on worker.

  19. Deductible in full? John Gruber loves you. If you pay for health insurance with after-tax dollars it has been always deductible. You can deduct those costs that that exceed 6% of income, Obamacare raised it to 10% (includes out of pocket expenses as well)
    here is a calculator
    Looks like if you make under 20k/yr no credit, I guess it needs another tweak.

    So you have no issues with a key figure calling you stupid, bragging about lying to you about keeping your doctor, your insurance, the costs I could go on, it is all about you getting yours.

    I think this is the first year Obamacare is fully implemented, so we will see.
    “Rural hospitals in critical condition
    ACA accelerates demise of rural hospitals that serve many of society’s most vulnerable.”
    Robert doesn’t care, since it works for him!

    So Robert you have faith in the government providing\controlling for your healthcare?

    • Medicare worked great for my grandparents and parents. Just what is the govt controlling in Obamacare? I thought the insurance companies are managing their products? You know why the politicians don’t know what’s in the ACA? Because they didn’t write it. The insurance companies wrote it and then handed it to the politicians to make it look like they created it. Our whole system of laws and policies is done that way now. The lobbyists own the politicians. Aren’t you upset about that?

      I don’t hate government, but I don’t like the path its taking with the NSA, endless wars for endless profits and how we’ve become a fascist state with the corporations and their lobbyists writing the laws that our elected officials pretend they had something to do with.

      On a different note, I bet most people on both sides of the fence have more in common about what we don’t like than we seem to always be bickering about on websites like this.

    • “So Robert you have faith in the government providing\controlling for your healthcare?”

      Well, the health insurance industry has been a complete failure at providing/controlling health care. We pay twice as much as the rest of the world and get inferior results. So far the government has been doing better.

      Who would you suggest instead of the government?

  20. Let the Veterans administration handle it (they are the healthcare model the liberals love to talk about) or the IRS or the United States Environmental Protection Agency?

    “Well, the health insurance industry has been a complete failure at providing/controlling health care. We pay twice as much as the rest of the world and get inferior results”

    The high costs are they effect of government meddling and the costs are still rising, so essentially we have even higher costs and now less choice.
    My wife worked in the medical industry and we watched how the government added rules and bureaucracy which resulted in higher costs.
    In fact this year a procedure my wife has had numerous times went from an office copay to a $2000.00 outpatient procedure thanks to Obamacare.

    Now explain why we don’t have Americans going to those countries for healthcare? Seems like lost of folks come here.
    So I am guessing you inferior results are wishful thinking, probably one of those fudged statistical analysis.

    Jerry, you still didn’t back up your assertion that most readers agree I cannot or will not answer Robert’s question.
    Who are most readers? or is that another statistic you pulled out of the air?

    • Wilson, can you elaborate on this change from a co-pay service to a $2k outpatient service and all because of the ACA AKA Obamacare? I’d also like to know if there are any Democrats or liberals who’ve also experienced what Wilson is saying happened to him and his family or if this change made by Obamacare only affects Republicans and conservatives?

  21. Yes, you finally answered Robert’s questions AFTER I shamed you into it.

    Now about my question asking “who would you suggest other than government” to provide/control health care? Is your answer really “the Veterans administration handle it (they are the healthcare model the liberals love to talk about) or the IRS or the United States Environmental Protection Agency”?

    If so, you realize that these are government agencies. If not, I ask again. Who?

    So far you are just complaining like a typical Republican, complain but offer no real solutions.

  22. I am a registered independent. Jerry there you go answering a question I didn’t ask. Who are these most readers?
    I can only go by what my wife’s doctor told her, I am sure it has to do with a provision of the ACA regarding the procedure and charges. So what was done in his office, now has to be done at a hospital as an out patient for him to profit. (greedy doctor I guess)

    Well you two prove what John Gruber premise, I’ll say gullible, but he used another word. You guys all bought everything the administration said and it was all lies and the numbers were all wrong.

    Jerry the free market, that should have been clear. Who managed it in the until the 70’s? When the government got more involved prices started climbing.
    Now why don’t you answer my questions?
    Now explain why we don’t have Americans going to those countries for healthcare?

    Well, with the traffic way down here and I am guessing Doc had his fill, you probably won’t get what you are seeking here for information.

  23. Wilson, I have bought into what I found out through my own curiosity as to how the ACA works. I think you have more homework to do. That man you refer to that said people are stupid or something like that regarding the passing of the ACA, according to Obama he said that guy had nothing to do with the administration of the ACA program. I’d like to hear more on this guy and his background. We live in a time when people can make up things that never occurred and then they become facts that people that people like yourself pass around as the truth.

    As I’ve said in the past, news today isn’t the facts, its what people want to hear that supports their prejudices. It’s that disgusting and its only getting worse. I’ve known personally, two people like this Gruber person. They make stuff up, throw it at you using about 5% fact and the rest is made up then force people to defend themselves against false charges. Both are people most who know them stay away from. They’re troublemakers. That’s what this Gruber guy is. When something is so outrageous as what this guy is claiming it should be seen exactly as that, not thrown around as evidence of the ACA being a scam.. Wilson, the insurance lobby wrote the ACA.. its what the corporations want. It was Obama’s job to sell it to the people, especially those who wanted a single payer system like Medicare for all.

  24. Wilson,
    More and more Americans are going overseas for medical care. Ever hear about Medical Tourism? Google it. You might learn something.

  25. Wilson,
    Yeah, the free market. Sure. It has been a failure in providing health care. Why do you think that state and federal government has gotten involved in the first place. Show me where, anywhere, that free market healthcare has been a success. Hell, show me anywhere that free market anything is successful. All you have to do is look at our history and see what happens when an industry is deregulated. Try banking, deregulation, and financial collapse for example.

    Free market is a myth. You might as well say. “God will provide”.

    • Ahh, you mean like to India, to get transplants where the poor sell their organs? Thank God that isn’t legal here in the states.
      And if you are not, will you see an increase now with Obamacare and the sky high deductibles?

      Jerry, it looks like .3% of Americans use medical tourism no wonder it wasn’t on my radar.

      I used to have a $1000.00 deductible, but that has all changed.

      I bet for the $6500.00 deductible and the 20% copay you could travel to India or Mexico or wherever and save money.
      I used to have a $1000.00 deductible, but that has all changed.

      So you are predicting that this tourism will now decrease due to Obamacare?
      Costs have increased although we were told they’d decrease..so I guess I have missed you point. Costs are increasing as well as deductibles, so using your argument medical tourism will increase.

      From the MTA
      Nearly 80% of demand for medical travel is driven by cost savings.
      Cosmetic surgery leads all other treatments, representing 38% of demand.
      About 92% of total spending on medical travel per patient is less than $30,000.

      Jerry, I have learned something, you and Robert are part of Grubers and Obama’s voter’s.

  26. I’d like to think this Gruber guy would find it hard to ever get consulting work again but I’m sure Fox News will pick him up in a heart beat…

    When people make statements like this they should have to provide case and point data, not just some soundbite…


  27. Robert,
    Guber made over 4 million in consulting fees all paid by you and me.

    If you believe Obama after all his lies, then Gruber is specifically talking about you.

    Do you believe Nancy Pelosi? She now claims she never heard of him.

    “As Democrats seek to distance themselves from MIT economist Jonathan Gruber by demoting him from an Obamacare “architect” to a mere adviser, The Daily Caller dug and found video from 2009 showing one prominent Democrat ascribing a different job title to the embattled professor.

    “According to Gruber, who has been our guide on a lot of this, it’s somewhere in the vicinity of an $8 billion cost,” said then-Massachusetts U.S. Sen. John Kerry during an Oct. 1, 2009 Senate Finance Committee hearing to markup the health care bill.”

    • Hey dude, I’m living the dream. Obamacare works for me. I’m not some conservative that votes against or denies myself access to what is in my best economic interest.

      I’d rather pay taxes to something that benefits me directly then these f’n endless Neocon wars that profit the military industrial complex.

      I wanted single payer, Medicare for all. Obamacare is the first step toward that is how I look at it. And as I said, Medicare worked well for my parents and relatives.

      I hope it works well for the boomers too, although I wouldn’t put it past the republicans to gut the program so we die quicker and they can re-distribute the money for those programs to their buds in corporate trans-America. What do they care about Medicare and social security, they got really great benefit packages plus continued income opportunities from all their connections once they leave their elected positions.

      I’m looking out for my best interest and staying informed as best is possible. I certainly won’t be falling for the propaganda that places like FOX News puts out.

      Like I said, I’m living the dream.

  28. I am glad it is good for you Robert, So when we get a single payer program modeled after the super successful VA system you should be well cared for.

    “I wouldn’t put it past the republicans to gut the program so we die quicker and they can re-distribute the money for those programs to their buds in corporate trans-America.”
    So you are saying the the Republicans what you to die early, do you think they will do a cost benefit analysis?

    Statements like that reaffirm my belief that you are a Gruber boy.

    “According to OpenSecrets.org, from 1989 to 2014 rich donors gave Democrats $1.15 billion — $416 million more than the $736 million given to the GOP. Among the top 10 donors to both parties, Democrat supporters outspent Republican supporters 2-to-1.
    But what about the villainous Koch brothers, those conservative plutocrats supposedly seeking to control American politics? They rank 59th on the list of big givers — behind 18 unions and No. 1 Act Blue, the massive left-wing fund raiser that gives only to Democrats.
    Indeed, a recent book, “The New Leviathan,” says donations to Democrats outstrip those to Republicans 7-to-1. How can this be? Democrat support soars when you include unions, universities, superPACs, nonprofits, left-wing interest groups, and — ready for this? — Wall Street (which overwhelmingly favors Democrats).
    So Democrats don’t really want to restrain money in politics. Just the money that goes to Republicans.
    Voters need to stop listening to the lies. Since 2008, the number of people who call themselves middle class has plunged from 53% to 44%, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.
    And, by President Obama’s own admission, his party’s control of Congress and the White House has led to 95% of all income gains going to the top 1% in income.
    So please, enough of this about Democrats being the party of the little guy.”

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/040214-695716-democrat-political-donations-outstrip-republicans.htm#ixzz3JKq0Y4ht
    Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook

    Per Krugman
    “American health care is desperately in need of reform. But what form should change take? Are there any useful examples we can turn to for guidance?
    Well, I know about a health care system that has been highly successful in containing costs, yet provides excellent care. And the story of this system’s success provides a helpful corrective to anti-government ideology. For the government doesn’t just pay the bills in this system — it runs the hospitals and clinics.
    No, I’m not talking about some faraway country. The system in question is our very own Veterans Health Administration, whose success story is one of the best-kept secrets in the American policy debate.”

    • Wilson, the republicans break things on purpose, like the VA, just so they can point to them and say they’re not working.. happens all the time..

      • Robert,
        Please provide proof that the Republicans want to harm\break the VA.
        Are you referring to the blockage of the VA Management Accountability Act, H.R.4031 that failed to pass the U.S. Senate. The one that the Senate decided it was a good idea to block on Memorial Day.

        What is most surprising about the present controversy surrounding the substandard treatment at the VA, in which at least 40 veterans lost their lives while awaiting treatment, is that House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL) had alerted the president to trouble nearly a year ago. In a letter dated May 21, 2013, Miller began:

        Dear Mr. President: I am writing to bring to your attention an alarming pattern of serious and significant patient care issues at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) across the country. Recent events at the Atlanta, Georgia, VAMC provide a perfect illustration of the management failures, deceptions, and lack of accountability permeating VA’s healthcare system…I believe your direct involvement and leadership is required.

        A year on from Chairman Miller’s letter, the revelations of substandard care, neglect, and waste seem to have magnified, rather than been reduced. For a president who seems to have endless amounts of time to talk about the miseries of those living on the minimum wage, Obama’s seeming indifference to the severity of the problems faced by our returning veterans seeking care at VA facilities is shocking.

        Late last week, CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on the lackluster attempts by the administration to address mismanagement issues—if not criminally negligent behavior—at the VA. What I found revealing about the interview is the exchange where Tapper questions whether Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is up to the task at hand given that Miller warned the president a year ago about serious allegations of misconduct at the agency:

        Jake Tapper: How many stories like this, how many letters like this, how many dead veterans do you need before someone asks the question within the White House maybe this guy isn’t the best steward of these veterans?

        Denis McDonough: The question, Jake, is are we doing everything we can every day to get the veterans the care and opportunities that they…

        Jake Tapper: … But you’re not, this letter was sent a year ago and you guys ignored it.

        Thus far, President Obama and his team have regarded the scandalous treatment of veterans seeking care from the government over which they preside as a political hiccup rather than an indefensible breakdown in competent management that has led to the deaths of at least 40 veterans. Late last week, McDonough assured us that Obama is “madder than hell” about the VA fiasco.

  29. Why is it only republicans and conservatives are the only ones bitching about how they’ve been harmed by Obamacare? How can that be? How can a program that is administered equally to all and not by party affiliation only affect negatively the people who are against anything done under a Democratic party administration? How can that be?

  30. Now Gruber is backpedaling on his statements, saying they were reckless and not well thought out.

    I think Gruber should be asked to answer what lack of transparency was he referring to and not be allowed to have his soundbite become the narrative. If we had real journalism in this country, that would happen. But, the networks have got to fill up 24/7 time frames and doing the right thing would preclude all the mileage they can get from this story, not to mention feed the rightwing followers that have no idea how Obamacare works, they just know its bad for America because they’re talking heads like Limbaugh and FOX News tell them that’s how they should believe.

  31. Well the problem isn’t just Gruber, it is the administration.
    Yea now Just 37 percent approve of the Affordable Care Act.
    The fact is Robert, the “rightwing” followers predicted exactly how Obamacare works, those like you who Gruber has referred to were all suckers and bought the narrative. You have been lied to repeatedly, but you can’t accept your hero’s would lie.

    Ms. Pelosi never heard of Gruber, what a joke.

    “Health Insurance Reform Mythbuster – ‘Health Reform And Insurance Premiums’
    Opponents of health insurance reform continue to spread myths about the recently-passed Affordable Health Care for America Act. For example, they are claiming that health reform would increase premiums for most of America’s families. But the facts continue to knock these myths down—including a brand-new report from the independent Congressional Budget Office.

    MYTH: The House health insurance reform bill would result in higher premiums.

    FACT: An analysis of the House bill by noted MIT health care economist Jonathan Gruber concludes that the bill would result in lower premiums than under current law for the millions of Americans using the newly-established Health Insurance Exchange – including those who are not receiving affordability credits to help them purchase coverage. ”

    Go to Pelsoi’s page

  32. Im not giving up my Obamacare. It works for me. Of course that doesn’t mean the republicans won’t try to destroy the program.

    I wonder how the lobbyists that wrote the ACA will react?

    Why is it the only people it doesn’t work for are the screamers on the right who bitch about everything that isn’t first presented and then adopted by their corporate whores in the senate and house?

    There’s no need to argue with me anymore. Neither of us is going to change our perspectives.

    PS – I’m waiting for the Michael Brown grand jury outcome. That will be my next hot subject. I found it amazing how hardly anybody had the guts to post on the previous post(s) about that incident. I wonder what changed? Trayvon’s case got lots of mileage on this board. I wonder why Michael Brown’s didn’t?

  33. Hard to argue the facts, easy to ignore. The Obama administration and the Democrats salute you. You are one of the voters they cherish.

    Can speak to the Brown incident, but I hope whatever the outcome it results in peaceful protest.

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