Health-care rollout is Obama’s Katrina Moment No. 22 — or is it 23?


Whenever anything has gone wrong for Barack Obama over the past five years, somebody has suggested that the matter amounts to a political problem as bad as George W. Bush experienced with Hurricane Katrina.

Steve M. at NoMoreMisterNiceBlog has put together a LIST of Obama’s “Katrina Moments” dating back to even before he became the Democratic presidential nominee in 2008.

A few headlines from the list:

Sexual Assault in the Military: Scandals Represent Obama’s “Katrina Moment”


MF Global Financial Collapse is Obama’s Hurricane Katrina

The S&P Downgrade: Obama’s Katrina Moment?

Haiti: Obama’s Katrina

Fort Hood Could Be Obama’s Katrina

OBAMA’S KATRINA: Obama Parties While Georgia Floods

Republicans hope General Motors is President Obama’s Hurricane Katrina



  1. If by Katrina moment you mean the biggest blunder attached to a particular President’s legacy, then the answer to the question is: You betcha’.

  2. I have to admit, considering how this ACA was supposed to be the cornerstone of Obama’s legacy, I would have thought the roll out of this program would have been so micro-managed that not even a fleck of dust could tarnish its image. But no, it really is a disaster and its obvious by the number of democrats who defected to the republican side for the latest short term fix related to keeping your current insurance program. All they’re concerned about is being re-elected, not fixing the program. They’re all nothing but ballot whores.

    The more I look at the two parties, the more I realize we the people have absolutely no representation. These parties are both deep in the pockets of the big monied donors. And that’s not going to change. Elizabeth Warren is not the answer because she will either be outspent or move to the “when in Rome” side of the spectrum and become a shill for the corporations. Same goes for Cristi. His in your face style will just be a cover for the theme he really will be a power broker for, the big monied donors.

    Obama fooled me in 2008 and in 2012, I voted for him again just because I didn’t want to go through any more years of republicans presidencies that throw red meat to their ignorant, FOX News viewing, Limbaugh following, base. Obama is progressive socially but fiscally, he’s there to do what the corporate donors tell him to do and then tell the American people how we should be happy to get the bill.

    Never again. I’m looking at the alternative candidates from now on. These dems and repubs are not on my side as an average citizen. They just pander to our fears and prejudices regardless of what side we’re on and take their orders from the corporate masters. Nothings going to change until we vote in people who are not owned by the corporations and big monied donors.

  3. TheMelancholicAlcoholic

    of course it’s not no 23!!! its no 38!!

    Obamacare is a success, and you can sign up via good old fashioned pen and paper too.

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