Here’s another good reason to be glad you don’t live in Oklahoma


I’m a life-long resident of Illinois, but I’ve never been carried away with pride for my native state. I figure that all that state-pride stuff is mainly for Texans.

However, while I’m not exactly chauvinistic about my Illinois roots, I’m glad I don’t live in certain other states.

Take THIS ONE, for example:

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin [above] announced earlier this month that state-owned National Guard facilities will no longer allow any married couples to apply for spousal benefits, regardless of whether they are same-sex or opposite-sex. The Supreme Court’s decision overturning the Defense of Marriage Act means that servicemembers with same-sex spouses are now eligible for federal benefits. Fallin’s unusual tactic is designed to avoid having to recognize those couples, which she asserts would violate Oklahoma’s constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman…

This decision directly contradicts an order from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordering states to provide same-sex couples with the federal benefits they deserve under the law. All married couples will now have to travel to one of the five federal facilities in Oklahoma to apply for benefits. Incidentally, the state’s facilities were built almost entirely with federal funds and 90 percent of the Oklahoma Military Department — which includes the National Guard — is funded by the federal government.





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  1. It is simple – the federal government stop funding the national guard in any state that accepts federal funds and refuses federal policies.

    I would love to see the “Red” states and the communities that surround military bases or post lose funding from the federal government.

    If I were a politician, I would remind all of the people in these states how vital government funding is for the communities around the military establishments.

    So many conservatives claim the government cannot create jobs, I beg to differ. I was in the military, and I witnessed how many of these communities would not exist in their present day form without the government funding.

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