Obama’s approval rating falls nine percentage points in one month


One full year after his election to a second term as president, Barack Obama’s standing in the polls is at its lowest level yet.

Obama’s job-approval rating still hasn’t sunk to the levels reached by his three most recent Republican predecessors, but it’s nothing to brag about, as we see HERE:

Approval of President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act have plummeted to historic lows, according to a poll released Wednesday morning.

The CBS News poll found Obama’s approval rating falling nine points in just the last month to 37 percent, the lowest mark of his presidency. Fifty-seven percent said they disapprove of the job he is doing.

The numbers are even worse for his signature domestic achievement. A huge majority of 61 percent said they disapprove of the health care law, up from 51 percent in October and the highest level of opposition to Obamacare in the history of CBS News polling. Only 31 percent said they approve of the Affordable Care Act, down from 43 percent a month ago.

A Washington Post/ABC News survey on Tuesday also showed opposition to Obamacare reaching a new high, mounting evidence that the law’s troubled rollout has taken a political toll.



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