Right-wingers aren’t grown-ups


The U.S.-Iran nuclear deal has critics in both of America’s major political parties — but there’s a difference:

The dismay expressed by Republican right-wingers is so childish and predictable.

Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog EXPLAINS:

It isn’t just that Democratic critics of the Iran deal are more measured in their tone. Democrats are generally more measured in their critiques, especially of Republican opponents. Senate Democrats just curtailed the filibuster, but I don’t recall any of them saying that the filibuster was a tool of jackbooted fascism. (It was Republicans who compared a Democratic filibuster-curtailer to Mussolini.)

To the right, every Democrat operating in the foreign policy sphere is Neville Chamberlain. Every Democratic policy that affects the economy came straight from The Communist Manifesto. Every liberal or moderate immigration is sovereignty-destroying amnesty.

Well, no surprise there. Right-wingers aren’t grown-ups. They’re overgrown children who are heroes of their own political fantasy stories. It’s not enough for them to oppose a policy — they have to persuade themselves that they’re the only ones preventing the destruction of civilization as we know it. So every foreign foe is Hitler, every deviation from laissez-faire is the brutal crushing of economic freedom, every immigration proposal is the takeover of America by vicious globalists. Red Dawn isn’t a movie — it’s what happens every time any non-conservative obtains any power whatsoever and dares to use it. The appropriate response to everything done by the center or right is “Wolverines!”

I don’t know why the grade-school hero fantasies of conservatives are allowed to et the terms of all of our political debates. But that’s how we do things.


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