Is Scott Walker swiping kids’ Christmas gifts?


HERE‘s my vote for Grinch of the Year:

The War on Christmas may actually be happening this year, but it’s being waged by an unlikely culprit: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Last week, Walker’s campaign sent an email encouraging supporters not to buy gifts for their children and to use that money instead to support his reelection effort.

“Instead of electronics or toys that will undoubtedly be outdated, broken, or lost by the next Holiday Season, help give your children the gift of a Wisconsin that we can all be proud of,” the email read.



  1. Steverino

    In other words Xbox means Xgovernor.

  2. Tacky. I wonder if he got the idea from President Obama? During the election last year his campaign recommended that instead of giving someone a birthday gift they should make a donation to his re-election campaign as the birthday gift.

  3. The campaign staffer who sent out that email, and also made some offense comments on twitter, been fired.


    • So, I guess we can expect this fired staffer to sign on as a FOX News consultant any day now?

      • More likely MSNBC. They are recently more likely to have their hosts use inflammatory language and get reprimanded for it. See Martin Bashir or Alec Baldwin.

        • I just read about Bashir’s comments. They were over the edge. He should have just called her a poddy mouth as that’s what his comment was inferring. He’s gone now. Resigned today. pretty soon, between blogs like this, twits, tweets, texts and whatever ways of conversing are being recorded, nobody’s going to be able to have a public position, especially the younger generation that puts a lot of really personal photos and other expressions out there.

          I was reading about a new product that looks like a tattoo but its actually a voice interpreting piece of software. It is worn on the neck and basically reads your vocal chords. Although this product isn’t available yet, its where things are heading. So I would think anybody who would wear such a device would have everything uttered from their mouth recorded. It’s supposed to be used to voice commands but I can see the technology being abused in the coming decades. What’s next, tattoo’s that can read our brainwaves and thoughts? Don’t think it’s not possible, they’re already working on such technology. Much of the internet advertising is based on our habits, so pretty soon if not already, the NSA will know everything about us. I’m waiting for Snowden to release the NSA is collecting data from all the cams installed in all the places they are installed. He just released some info saying how people’s whereabouts are being tracked via the ping from our cell phones. What on earth do they need to know so much for? Is the govt that afraid of the people that they consider us all a threat?

  4. Steverino

    How funny. Scottie fires her because of her goofy holiday message of giving that he approved and also because of some twitter crap than happened earlier.

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