Chicago on pace for fewest murders in 48 years


Six months ago, I wrote HERE that Chicago’s reputation as the murder capital of America is pure bunk.

The truth of the matter is that on a per-capita basis, Chicago’s homicide rate is not even in the top 25 among American cities.

And now, as 2013 nears its end, we have THIS NEWS:

Chicago closed out the first 11 months of 2013 with 380 murders, a drop from 474 in the same period of 2012, according to police data. That’s the fewest for any year in Chicago since 1965, according to Adam Collins, the Chicago Police Department Director of News Affairs.

In a city that in recent years has been torn apart by brutal gang slayings and bloody street scuffles, shootings are down 25 percent and overall crime is down 15 percent compared to the same reporting period in 2012, according to Collins.

By midnight on Nov. 30, Chicago had seen a total of 1,712 shootings (a drop from 2,291 in 2012).

“We’re doing a lot better than we were doing before,” Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told NBC News. “Very significant work is being done by the men and women of this police department.”

Meanwhile, authorities have also made headway in the fight against illegal gun possession. In the last 11 months, police recovered a staggering 6,372 illicit firearms, McCarthy said.

McCarthy told NBC Chicago that stemming the city’s murder rate is tied to putting a lid on the number of shootings.

“You prevent shootings, you lower the murder rate. It’s that simple,”  McCarthy said. “In a city where 87 percent of our murders are by gunshot, if we continue to keep reducing the gunshots, the murder rate will come down.”

Earlier this year, Chicago was beset by a spate of gruesome murders that made the city synonymous with gun violence in the eyes of many Americans.

The carnage made the city a crucible in the hot-button nationwide debate over the prospect of new state and federal gun control legislation following the shooting deaths of 20 young children and six adults in Newtown, Conn.




  1. They say inflation really isn’t that bad either. I bet if they took the current ongoing gangland slayings out of the equation the headline could read “Chicago on pace for fewest murders since the days of Al Capone”.


  2. But But But, the title of this thread says Chicago is on pace for the fewest murders in 48 years. But But But, the title of this article linked below implies differently “Chicago Violence: FBI To Look For New Ways To Stem Crime, Reduce Homicides In Windy City”. Is this just another example of how liberals waste tax dollars on a problem that really isn’t there or is there something misleading about the article that says Chicago is on pace for the fewest murders in 48 years? Things that make you go hhhhmmmm?


  3. This person comments from the reader comments section is exactly how I feel. I like Rev. Jackson, but he’s stuck in the victim mentality. You can’t keep blaming white establishment America for every ill in the Black community.

    “Sandra Heningburg · Loyola University Chicago Undergraduate Admission Office
    Jesse, come on. You can have many programs, etc. and too many people won’t participate and take advantage of opportunities to change their lives. There were reconstruction plans during the 60’s and 70’s and we still had people who used violence as an excuse for bad behavior and destruction of their own neighborhoods neighbors. I am African American and have traveled all over this country and have seen the same attitudes and behaviors in area after area. city after city. A change in one’s attitude will create a change in one’s behavior. Energy spent in “negativism” can be turned into energy spent on “positivism”‘. Recreation centers were closed in my city because they were not used. We need to stop blaming everyone for our problems and take a good look at ourselves.”

    Regardless or not if this posters comment is legitimate, I still feel this way. Call me whatever names you want.


  4. John Federer

    That’s right, CHICAGO has some of the toughest gun laws in the country but the shooting keep on coming.

    But these guns are not bought in gun shops but on the street corner. I keep wondering when progressives will start to understand the problem.

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