Even conservative public officials promote redistribution of wealth


On several occasions in recent  years, I have challenged  right-wing readers to give me even one example of government spending that doesn’t amount to redistribution of wealth.

The response has been deafening silence.

OK! I’ll admit it. The challenge was a trick. There are no such examples to be found.

In truth,  every government expenditure at every level — federal, state or local —  is a case of spreading the wealth. The government takes money from some people by way of taxes and spends it — presumably or ostensibly, depending upon your point of view — for the common good. The money goes for public safety, economic development, national defense, courts, education, research, infrastructure, environmental and consumer protection, etc., etc.  In short, it goes for efforts to “promote the general welfare,” as the Constitution puts it.

Some of these expenditures directly benefit the general populace, and some directly benefit relatively few people or businesses or other institutions. But all of them, as I say, are examples of redistribution of wealth.

That’s the way the system has worked since Day One. But the Tea Party folks and other right-wingers seem to think it’s all part of a nefarious plot hatched by Marxists.

Granted, you and I can and do argue that certain government expenditures are for efforts that should not be undertaken or for matters that would be better left to the private sector. Be that as it may, the fact remains that the government expenditures we consider legitimate are still examples of wealth redistribution.

That’s what government is for. That’s why it exists. The only way to stop the government from taking your money and using it for the benefit of others — be they the many or the few — is to get rid of the government. But then, who’s going to put out the fires, arrest the crooks, build the highways and defend the nation?

One other thing: Have you heard about the program headed by Barack Obama that gives hundreds of thousands  of Americans — many of them young blacks and Hispanics from poor neighborhoods– free housing, clothing, food, health care, vehicles, job training and who-knows-what-else? Some of them even get to travel to exotic foreign locales — entirely at taxpayers’ expense.

Talk about socialism!

They call this program the U.S. military, and it’s a gigantic scheme of wealth redistribution.


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  1. The question remains, and will always be, how much redistribution is too much?

    At the extreme the government would take all of each individuals wealth and then redistribute that to society for the greater good and fairness. Same lodging, same education, same transportation, same nutritious food share etc.

    The government may not be able to design and run a simple and secure website, but I am sure they would be benevolent and fair in their redistribution of the wealth.

    And I am equally sure that if we were all guaranteed an equal and fair distribution of the wealth we would all work our hardest and be our best selves just to remain in such a happy state. As long as they kept the Soma distribution equal and we had time to sit around and sing Kumbaya before we furrowed the fields, life would be great.

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