Bob Newhart to appear at homophobic doings?

"From Stand-Up to Sitcom" Presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Arrivals

Don’t you hate it when someone you’ve always admired turns out to be a bigot?

Take THIS, for example.



  1. Steverino

    Perhaps it’s disappointing but Bob earned his stripes a long time ago and can do anything he wants to including becoming a Chicago bus driver.

  2. I think Maya Angelou has a saying about such things? Wasn’t it something like “when some one shows you who they are, believe them.” It works for me.

    People like Bob have very little sway over such subjects. It’s obvious this event is in place to appeal to the non-youth crowd, where old ideas and perceptions persist and die with the ages.

    Maybe Bob thinks he’s buying a little redemption as he gets close to the end of his life?

    I doubt many of the younger generations even know who he was. I deliberately chose was over is.

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