Here’s a potential bonanza for right-wing conspiracy theorists


THIS ITEM is too brief to excerpt here, so I’ll just quote the whole thing:

Jeh Johnson [above] was confirmed as Secretary of Homeland Security by the Senate today. This would be unremarkable except that Jeh (pronounced ‘Jay’) is black, was born on September 11th, and is named after a Liberian tribal chief who saved his grandfather’s life in 1930. This combination of facts should produce enough conspiracy theories that people will forget that Janet Napolitano ever existed. Making matters even worse, Mr. Johnson was nominated by a half-black, Kenyan, Muslim, anti-imperialist socialist from Honolulu whose mother forged his birth certificate, not to mention his long association with angry preachers, unreconstructed Weathermen, and Pakistani students of suspect loyalty.

I only wish Mr. Johnson was married to a Japanese woman and had been confirmed on December 7th, because that would be perfect.


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