People I’ve heard of who died this year


The only names on this list are those that ring a bell with me. Thousands of people who were notable in their fields of endeavor, but unknown to me, have been excluded.

I’ve also excluded personal acquaintances of mine and local luminaries so as to avoid the embarrassment of missing a few.

In roughly chronological order of their passing, these are the people I at least vaguely remember from the world at large:

Patti Page, singer.

Richard Ben Cramer, journalist.

Conrad Bain, actor.

John Thomas, Olympic high-jumper.

James Hood, civil rights activist.

John Powers, author.

Stan Musial, baseball player.

Earl Weaver, baseball manager.

Ed Bouchee, baseball player.

Chuck Hinton, baseball player.

Stanley Karnow, journalist and historian.

Patty Andrews, singer.

Cardiss Collins, politician.

John Kerr, actor.

Reg Presley, singer.

Tony Sheridan, singer.

Jerry Buss, sports entrepreneur.

Magic Slim, singer and guitarist.

Mary Ann McMorrow, jurist.

Van Cliburn, pianist.

Dale Robertson, actor.

Richard Street, singer.

Jewel Akens, singer.

Hugo Chavez, politician.

Dawn Clark Netsch, politician.

Alvin Lee, musician.

Kenny Ball, musician.

Claude King, singer.

Bobby Smith, singer.

Bud Palmer, athlete and sportscaster.

Harry Reems, porn actor.

Rise Stevens, singer.

Harlan Hill, football player.

Anthony Lewis, journalist.

Phil Ramone, record producer.

Bob Turley, baseball player.

William Ginsburg, attorney.

Jack Pardee, football player.

Milo O’Shea, actor.

Roger Ebert, film critic.

Annette Funicello, actress.

Margaret Thatcher, politician.

Jimmy Dawkins, musician.

Maria Tallchief, ballerina.

Jonathan Winters, comedian and actor.

Pat Summerall, football player and sportscaster.

George Beverly Shea, gospel singer.

Al Neuharth, journalist and newspaper executive.

Richie Havens, singer.

Rick Camp, baseball player.

Moses Harrison, jurist.

George Jones, singer.

Deanna Durbin, singer and actress.

Mort Lindsey, orchestra leader and composer.

George Lindsey, actor.

Vidal Sassoon, hairstylist.

Frank Wills, baseball player.

Donald “Duck” Dunn, musician.

Donna Summer, singer.

Bob Boozer, basketball player.

Robin Gibb, singer.

Toni Arden, singer.

Jack Twyman, basketball player.

Orlando Woolridge, basketball player.

Preston Ward, baseball player.

Deacon Jones, football player.

Frank Lautenberg, politician.

Esther Williams, swimmer and actress.

Doug Bailey, political activist.

Miller Barber, golfer.

James Gandolfini, actor.

Elliott Reid, actor.

Beverly Fawell, politician.

Gary David Goldberg, television writer.

Bobby Bland, singer.

John Nickels, jurist.

Marc Rich, financier.

William Gray III, politician.

Charles Quinn, journalist.

Leonard Garment, attorney and presidential adviser.

Dennis Farina, actor.

Emile Griffith, boxer.

JJ Cale, singer-songwriter.

Lindy Boggs, politician.

Herb Kaplow, journalist.

Eileen Brennan, actress.

George Scott, baseball player.

William Scranton, politician.

Harry Byrd Jr., politician.

Dick Kazmaier, football player.

John Palmer, journalist.

Karen Black, actress.

Glen Hobbie, baseball player.

Johnny Logan, baseball player.

William Clark, civil servant.

Eydie Gorme, singer.

Bob Thomas, journalist.

Tompall Glaser, singer.

Jack Germond, journalist.

Bert Lance, presidential adviser.

Jack Harshman, baseball player.

Elmore Leonard, author.

Dean Meminger, basketball player.

Julie Harris, actress.

LeRoy Martin, police official.

Ray Dolby, audio engineer.

Rick Casares, football player.

Jerry G. Bishop, disc jockey.

Marvin Rainwater, singer.

Ken Norton, boxer.

D. J. R. Bruckner, journalist.

Tom Clancy, author.

Ellis Burton, baseball player.

Rod Grams, TV news anchor and politician.

Andy Pafko, baseball player.

Larry Verne, singer.

Scott Carpenter, astronaut.

Tom Foley, politician.

Bum Phillips, football coach.

Bill Sharman, basketball player.

Marcia Wallace, actress.

Lou Reed, musician.

Johnny Kucks, baseball player.

Walt Bellamy, basketball player.

Charlie Trotter, restaurateur.

Lou Brissie, baseball player.

Paul Crouch, televangelist.

Paul Walker, actor.

Eleanor Parker, actress.

Nelson Mandela, human rights activist and politician.

Audrey Totter, actress.

Tom Laughlin, actor.

Peter O’Toole, actor.

Joan Fontaine, actress.

Ray Price, singer.











































Michael Ansara, actor.






































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