This year hasn’t been as bad for Obama as some pundits claim


To hear the chattering classes tell it, 2013 has been an unmitigated political disaster for Barack Obama — what with the problems with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and certain other difficulties.

But has the year really been all that bad for the president?

Steve Benen OFFERS a few qualifiers:

* Twice congressional Republicans threatened debt-ceiling default; twice Obama stood his ground; and twice the GOP backed down before Congress did real harm. The presidential leadership helped establish a new precedent that will benefit Obama, his successors, and the country.
* Congressional Republicans shut down the government to extract White House concessions. Obama and congressional Democrats stood firm and the GOP backed down.
* The Obama administration forged an international agreement to rid Syria of chemical weapons, struck a historic nuclear deal with Iran, and brought Israelis and Palestinians to the table together for the first peace talks in years.
* The economy has steadily improved, and 2013 is on pace to be the best year for U.S. job creation since 2005 and the second best since 1999.
* The “scandals” the media hyped relentlessly in the spring proved to be largely meaningless, and while the president’s poll numbers have dropped, his standing is roughly at the same point as two years ago.


  1. Having not watched television since 1964 and using APnews as my only news source, I just love watching President Obama thrive. He was able to implement the Republican Health Care Program from 1993 that Hillary Clinton refused. OK, the Web Site is a mess. I see a lot of other Web Sites a mess. No one can get through to Target right now.
    He is closing Guantanamo over Congress dead body. He has avoided war. He was restored our economy and so far stopped the deregulation of banks that the rich want so much.
    I’d love to see him restore the tax rates on the rich that Baby Bush lowered. We have to have income equality to have a great country. Eisenhower know that.
    I don’t care for NSA, another mess Baby Bush made. At least it is coming to light now (being blamed, of course, on our brilliant caring President) Facebook does exactly what NSA does so NSA isn’t terrible.
    The telling of Obama’s administration will be his rating by the experts, not the Fox News Lemmings.

    • ebd – Obama did NOT implement the Republican health care plan. The only similarity between the two is the individual mandate. No Republican plan ever had so much job killing taxation, regulation, and bureaucracy as the current PPACA.

      Further, Republicans have wised up to the fact that the individual mandate is a really bad idea. Even moderate Democrats today realize it’s a bad idea. No doubt those same moderate Democrats must have regrets over causing a government shutdown because of it.


    • thehereandnow1

      ebd, go back to 1964. You are so off it’s hilarious. Please find whomever’s been feeding you the line of crap that has led to your comment and allow for both of you to be peacefully returned to whatever looney bin you escaped from.

      P.S. Eisenhower doesn’t ‘know’ much now, he’s dead, been dead for awhile.

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